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For the game server, see Alexina Game Server.
Portrait of Alexina
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Expedition Leader in Rano
Location Qilla Base Camp


Between her toned shoulders are slender yet trim muscles and her naturally flowing hair falls softly over her collar bone. Her sparkling eyes are reminiscent of a wild animal and she is always gazing far away across the horizon as if taking in the grand prairies of Iria.

Alexina is the head explorer in Qilla Base Camp She sells L-Rods and Sketch Paper, both of which are essential tools to Exploration.

Music Track Title: Chest of Dreams

In Generation 10, Alexina feels the Prophocy outlined in the Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom is nothing more than a forecast and would rather focus on the present. According to her, the marks found all across Iria is a direct result of the the curse placed by Irinid.

Daily Quest

[Daily Quest] Ruin Discovery
How to Get Quest

Accept the quest from Alexina

Briefing Today's goal is to discover 10 ruins.
  • Discover 10 Ruins
Additional Information


Exploration Tools Price
Sketch Paper 60g
L-Rod 3,000g