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Capture the Watermelon Event (2017)

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For the previous event, see Capture the Watermelon Event.
Banner for the Capture the Watermelon
August 10th, 2017 - August 30th, 2017


Who's up for a good, old-fashioned game of Capture the Flag, er, Watermelon? Lorna and Pan have brought back their favorite game to Port Ceann with a sweet twist on the classic game. Steal your opposing team's watermelons and fend off the enemy with an event-only Ice Baton to win![1]

Blue Team player wielding an Ice Baton.


  • Matches begin at the start of each hour between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM PDT and last 30 minutes.
  • You must have nothing equipped in your hands to join a team.
    • Once in a team, you will wear a swimsuit of your respective color and gender.
    • Warning: Any items you are wearing will still lose durability when you are hit.
  • Each round will have 5 minutes to join and warm-up.
    • You can join during the match.
  • You will be equipped with a Summer Beach Day Event Baton and Summer Beach Day Event Swimsuit
    • The effect of being hit by the baton is similar to that of Ice Spear's/Ice Mine's Freezing effect, but will freeze up to 10 seconds.
      • Red baton has blue freezing effect.
      • Blue baton has red freezing effect.
    • You can also use the baton to unfreeze your teammates.
  • When there is 5 minutes left you can no longer join
  • You are not required to be on the winning team to get an item, but you are required to participate.
  • Mana Deflector will not affect the the freezing ability of the Batons.
  • No skills can be used, including transformations, except Mana Shield and Rest.
  • Shaved Ice has a low chance of dropping off Frozen players when they unfreeze.


Potential Rewards For Freezing Players