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For characters a player can interact with rather than fight, see Category:NPCs.
For the rank 5 enchant, see Rank 5 Enchants#Monster.

This category is for characters a player can engage in combat. In general, these are referred to as monsters in Mabinogi.

  • Navigation
    • Monsters here are organized in sub-categories by type and include pages that are monster related.
    • Main Story Boss - All the Generation Quest bosses
    • List of Monsters - Jump to monsters by first letter of their name
    • Monster Tables - available for cross-referencing data of many monsters against each other. Recommended to use ctrl+f for navigation. Warning: HUGE pages, includes most pre-g9 monsters.
  • Monster Key
    • StyleMonster Icon.gif = Normal monster
    • Field Boss. = Field Boss
    • Shadow Mission Icon.png = Shadow Mission Monster
    • Chapter 1 2 Mainstream Icon.png = Mainstream


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