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Portrait of Cichol
Race Deity
Gender Male
Occupation God of Fomors
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Cichol (written as Ciocal Gricenchos in the Irish Mythology) is a God who governs the Fomorians, and is the heir of Balor. He appears as a major reoccurring main antagonist for he leads the Fomors and tries to kill Humans that stand in his way.

His intentions are to destroy every "irrational idea" and wants "everything to reset and start from scratch, fair and square." Cichol attacks Erinn and its residents in order to reshape and cleanse it with "blood purification."

His antagonist role seems to have declined since Generation 11, ceasing his plots all while assisting Milletians. This, however, seemed to have spiked rebellion from his disciples.

Mainstream Story



  • Cíocal Gricenchos in the Irish Mythology is considered the first lord of the Fomorians who lived in Ireland 250 years before the arrival and subsequent invasion by the Partholon, the first Humans to reach Ireland.
  • Cichol's hatred of Humans in the Mainstream Quests may be in reference to the fact that in the Mythology, Cíocal and his armies were conquered by the invading Partholon in the battle of Mag Ithe.
  • Currently Cichol is the only "major" deity that has never engaged combat in any way outside of a cutscene.
  • In Generation 3, Morrighan refers Cichol as a 'cold and heartless Human being.' In Generation 15, Cichol is portrayed as a Human wearing a Muffler Robe.
  • In Generation 9, the Milletian appears to have forgotten Cichol. This is likely due to the implementation of the other two races (Elves and Giants), who have had yet to meet Cichol.
    • It may also be in consideration to the idea that Human Milletians may skip Generation 1 and Generation 3, creating a storyline in which they had never met Cichol.
  • In most encounters, Cichol attempts to murder the Milletian either personally or by using a minion. However, this is impossible, according to Tarlach's unconfirmed theory, "Milletians cannot die," stated in Tarlach's Record.
  • Cichol is present in every Generation of Chapters 1 and 3 excluding Generation 2.
  • Cichol's "moving" animation merely shows him levitating slightly off the ground as he slowly "moves."
  • Currently, Cichol is the only known deity with white-colored wings.
  • The White Wing Staff was inspired by a White Winged God, presumably Cichol.
  • The Demonic Cylinder and Demonic Gloomy Sunday was created by the legendary blacksmith Goibne under the orders of a Fomor King, presumably Cichol.