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Portrait of Legatus
Race Dragon
Gender Unknown
Location Roosting on the hill above
Calida Lake in Zardine


Scales that resemble the serene blue color of Caldera[sic] and voice as calm and cool as a lake. The eyes of the dragon that are constantly drifting far away quietly tells of the mystery of a recluse.

Legatus is a blue dragon who aids Cromm Cruaich by assisting players in the later parts of Generation 8. He can be found at Calida Lake, but on the other side from Calida Exploration Camp. To reach there, follow the path just north of the camp, which runs along the eastern side of Calida Lake. Every so often, he'll lay down or take off and either hover in the air directly above for a bit before landing or fly off from his location to somewhere else and eventually return.

After completion of Generation 8, he offers a quest for protecting Dragon Eggs. To get inside Renes, a Dragon's Blessing is needed which can be acquired from Legatus.

If a player has destroyed his/her Adniel's Horn Bugle, Legatus will provide a new one.


  • "Legatus" is Latin for "Lieutenant", referring to Legatus's status as Cromm Cruaich's assistant.
  • Legatus references Vindictus, another game created by DevCAT (the developers of Mabinogi: Fantasy Life), by mentioning its five original heroes when spoken with the Private Story Keyword.
    • "The time belonged to the dragons. You can say that 'dragon' was almost like another word for 'time'. Of course, this was way before I existed. Not that my ancestors thought they could control time, but they never did anything for anyone else but themselves. It wasn't about taking ownership. It was because they were rather drawn to the idea of conquering everything. They chose themselves over the entire world and they were able to do this because only they could surpass the speed of time and still exist. Dragons could exist even if the rest of the world were destroyed. This is why Humans had no choice but to fight for time and take over the world. The heroes including Lann, Fiona, and three others will never be forgotten... Coincidentally, the five heroes didn't challenge the dragons with the intention of saving the world. All they really wanted at first was to live their lives to the fullest and welcome all challenges. It was fate that led them to fight the dragons. {Player Name}, what does fate have in store for you? The choices you make will determine your fate. But remember, your choices will not only determine your fate and mine, but the future of Iria depends on you."