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Portrait of Morrighan
Race Deity
Gender Female
Occupation Goddess of War,
Vengeance, and Crows
I command you in the name of the Goddess. Stop.



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Morrighan (written as Morrigan in the Irish Mythology) is the first Badhbh Catha Goddess and the sister of Macha and Neamhain. She is known as the Goddess of War, Vengeance, and Crows and is often referred to as "The Goddess." She is described as "The black-winged Goddess that provides blessings to the people and warriors of Tir Na Nog."

Despite her ties with the Humans through the first few Generations, Morrighan's sinister nature begins to reveal itself in Generation 11. It is revealed that Morrighan is actually using Humans, Milletians, and even Fomorians just to do her bidding and only to be disposed and eradicated later, claiming to have feared such races from growing too powerful.

Morrighan is described in the book The Goddess Who Turned into Stone.

Mainstream Story


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  • In Irish Mythology, Morrigan is sometimes interpreted as a name for 3 goddesses, Babh, Macha and Neamhain. In other versions, Morrigan is one of the goddesses, her name being interchangeable with Babh, and other interpretations are similar to Mabinogi's interpretation, with Morrigan, Macha and Nemain. In versions where she is one of three goddesses, she is one of the daughters of Ernmas, and Granddaughter of Nuada.
  • The color of Morrighan's wings may refer to the fact that one of the many animal forms she takes is a crow.
  • Ironically, despite being the Goddess of two negative attributes, her personality seems positive.
  • Tarlach and the Transformation Diary claims that Love is also one of her attributes, an attribute also possessed by Aengus.
  • Morrighan is one of the most powerful RP characters, only being rivaled by Shakespeare (throughout Generation 16), Shamala, Ruairi (from Stab the Shamans to Death!), and Cessair's Heart. Morrighan possesses 7,000 HP, 999 MP, and 999 SP, as well as the ability to teleport and use god-like powers.
  • Throughout the story, Morrighan states numerous times that there are no such things as predestined futures and prophecies can be rewritten.
  • Prior to defeating Lucas in Generation 11, there is a scene that is a homage to Morrighan's appearance. Instead of feathers, there are two bundles of dollar bills and the quote says "I command you, in the name of the Bar Owner, stop!".
  • In Generations 12 and 15, she is revealed to be naturally blind, however Generation 15 reveals her younger self having black eyes.
  • Strangely, despite Morrighan and Cichol had disbanded their friendship and grew to hate one another long ago as revealed in Generation 15, their adult forms had worked together to eradicate the Partholons as revealed in Generation 11.