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Basic Information

  • The only way to recover the an item's lost durability to have the item repaired by the proper NPC. The Repair Guidebook has information on repairing.
  • To repair an item, talk to an NPC and select "Repair," then select the equipment that needs to be repaired. The player can then choose to repair by increments of one point or a perfect repair which restores all the lost durability.
  • NPCs can fail to repair an item; their success rate is fixed and will be revealed when requesting repairs.
    • When a repair fails, the item's maximum durability permanently decreases by the number of failed repairs and is irrecoverable.
      • Repair Protection Potions can be applied to equipment which prevents durability loss from repair failures. The potion's effects are consumed when failure occurs.
    • The success rate is always calculated separately for every individual durability point. For example, when attempting to perfect repair 5 durability points at a 90% success rate, a 90% check is ran on the first point, then ran again for the second, then so on, rather than running a 90% check once for all 5 points.
    • Applying Holy Water of Lymilark on an item increases the repair success rate: see Blessed Item Repair Rate Chart.
      • The blessing will be removed if a repair fails, therefore it is recommended to repair point by point, so that if it fails, the blessing can be re-applied.
    • Weather and Luck has no effect on success rates.
  • Some items, such as Signs, cannot be repaired.
  • Spirit Weapons have an entirely different repair method.

Repair Costs

  • Repair costs are based on the type of item and the NPC's repairing success rate.
    • All items of the same kind will have the same repair costs, regardless of whether it was dropped by a monster or bought under the Wednesday daily effect and/or Human Race alliance discounts.
    • As the NPC's repairing success rate is higher, the more it costs to repair an item.
  • The cost is listed in parenthesis next to the repair options.
  • Repairs cost Gold or Ducats, depending on the item.
    • Brionac costs AP to fix instead.
    • If repairing fails, gold/ducats are not refunded.
  • Some Enchants modify the repair cost. See Repair Cost Modifiers.

Types of Repair

Most NPCs will repair one or multiple specific type of item, usually related to their occupation, but no NPC will repair all items available in the game. Below are lists of NPCs sorted by the item they repair.

The following applies to the repairable items lists for each type of repair. If the majority of a group of items use a certain type of repair then that group is considered to use that type of repair. Any items in that group which use another type of repair are listed as exceptions and items that cannot be repaired at all are ignored.

Tailor Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Nora Tir Chonaill 94%
Simon Dunbarton 98%
Ailionoa Emain Macha 98%
Effie Qilla Base Camp 98%
Lepus Filia 98%
Zeder Vales 98%
Kusina Cor 98%
Brenda Taillteann 98%
Eluned Tara 98%
Butler - 95%~99%
Maid - 95%~99%

Blacksmith Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Jenna Taillteann (Shadow) 80%
Ferghus Tir Chonaill 90%
Elen Bangor 90%
Colm Tara 93%
Blyss Commonwealth of Belvast 93%
Nerys Dunbarton 95%
Osla Emain Macha 95%
Nicca Qilla Base Camp 95%
Meles Filia 95%
Taunes Vales 95%
Waboka Cor 95%
Kelpie Calida Exploration Camp 95%
Karpfen Taillteann 95%
Kayna Port Cobh 95%
Royal Weaponsmith Tara 95%
Andras Taillteann 96%
Granat Taillteann 97%
Urman Beach of Scathach 97%
Argel Commonwealth of Belvast 98%
Edern Bangor 98%
Huw* Emain Macha 98%
Shamala** Cor 98%

*Only repairs Control Bars.
**Only repairs Dream Catchers.

Magical Weapon Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Lassar Tir Chonaill 92%
Heulfryn Qilla Base Camp 93%
Kirine Vales 93%
Castanea Filia 93%
Finola Tara 93%
Stewart Dunbarton 95%
Berched Taillteann 97%
Weiss Shyllien Nature Reserve 98%

Miscellaneous Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Ailbhis Abb Neagh Residential Town 90%
Marcellus Sliab Cuilin Residential Town 90%
Lorraine Dugald Residential Town 90%
Elain Sen Mag Residential Town 90%
Vanalen Commonwealth of Belvast 92%
Walter Dunbarton 92%
Galvin Emain Macha 93%
Pierrick Taillteann 93%
Ilsa Tara 93%
Malcolm Tir Chonaill 95%
Granites Filia 95%
Effie Qilla Base Camp 98%
Art* Abb Neagh Bard Camp 98%

*Only repairs Instruments and the Piano.

Magical Equipment Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Fleta Sen Mag Plateau 98%
Butler - 94~98%

Accessory Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Jennifer Bangor 98%
Sylvia* Shyllien Nature Reserve 98%
Maid - 97%~99%

*Only repairs Magical Accessories.

Cylinder Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Heledd Tara 91%
Lery Emain Macha 95%
Eabha Taillteann 97%

Engineer Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Dual Gun Repair Kit 81 - 81%
Dual Gun Repair Kit 92 - 92%
Interim Engineer Tir Chonaill
Interim Engineer Hillwen Mine 92%
Hector Hillwen Mine 98%

Brionac Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Dorren Taillteann 100%

Treasures of Falias Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Dorren Taillteann 96%

Fomor Weapon and Legendary Weapon Repairs

NPC Location Base Repair Rate
Ogre Transport Helper Commerce 90%
Goblin Trade Helper Commerce 95%
Trade Assistant Imp Commerce 98%