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Some NPCs have Secret Shops in which they sell special items to their closest friends. They contain skill books and other items that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

To access the shop, players must raise the NPC's Intimacy by giving them gifts, performing Part-time Jobs for them, or completing quests, at which point new items can be found in the NPC's normal shop or in a new shop tab.

Over time, intimacy level decreases. Players must maintain intimacy with the NPC in order to continue accessing the Secret Shop.

List of Secret Shops

In the column "Gifts they Like" the nearest NPC selling a desired gift is in bold.

The column "Potions Needed" indicates the maximum number of Likeability Potions or Glittering Gems needed to access the NPC's shop.

NPC Difficulty Gifts they Like Potions Needed Items Effects
Hard Candlestick (Pencast, Kristell and Endelyon - 100 g) 5 What is a Ensemble?
Composing Rank D→C
The Path to Composing
Composing Rank C→B
Instrument Ranges
Composing Rank B→A
The Fundamentals of Becoming a Great Composer
Composing Rank A→9
Easy Heart Cake (Caitin, Glenis and Jennifer - 150 g)
Slice of Cake (Caitin, Glenis and Jennifer - 100 g)
Bread (Caitin, Tracy, Glenis, Jennifer, Effie, Granites and Ruwai - 56 g)
6 Resting Guide
(3,800 g)
Rest Rank E→D
Hard Anthology (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g) 7 Quick and Effective First Aid
(4,700 g)
First Aid Rank F→E
Average Anthology (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g)
Cubic Puzzle (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g)
2 Weapon Collection Series Vol. 1
(7,700 g)
Hooked Cutlass (Hidden)
Special Item Collection - Signs
(7,700 g)
Big Pelican Protector (Hidden)
Food Collection - Snacks for Everyone
(7,700 g)
Apprentice Chef's Hat
Food Collection - Meal that's Simple, yet Filling
(8,800 g)
Advanced Chef's Hat
Food Collection - A Special Dinner with Someone
(9,900 g)
Professional Chef's Hat
Collect Music Bottles
(12,000 g)
Big Slit Full Helm
Hard Bread (Caitin, Tracy, Glenis, Jennifer, Effie, Granites and Ruwai - 56 g)
Candlestick (Pencast, Kristell and Endelyon - 100g)
5 The First Steps of Meditation
(3,500 g)
Meditation Rank F→E
Scary Library Pass
(4,444 g)
10 per In-Game Day
Scary Library Access
Average Gift Ring (Eavan and Nora - 500 g) 7 Master Chef's Cooking Class: Baking
(5,500 g)
Cooking Novice→F
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Simmering
(5,500 g)
Cooking Rank F→E
About Kneading
(6,000 g)
Cooking Rank E→D
Boiling: The Basics of Heat Cooking
(9,800 g)
Cooking Rank D→C
About Noodle-Making
(9,900 g)
Cooking Rank C→B
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Frying
(11,800 g)
Cooking Rank B→A
Master Chef's Cooking Class: Stir-frying
(25,800 g)
Cooking Rank A→9
Hard Gift Ring (Eavan and Nora - 500 g)
Wine (Caitin, Glenis, and Jennifer - 200 g)
5 0 Sign
(2,000 g)
European Comb
(44,000 g)
Couple Ring Glove
(25,000 g)
Glove of Extravaganza
(85,000 g)
Average Anthology (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 150 g)
Candlestick (Pencast, Kristell and Endelyon - 100 g)
Stuffed Bunny (Nora and Eavan - 250 g)
(Walter, Kristell and Eavan are closest to Effie via Continent Warp, whereas Granites and Zeder are closest via Mana Tunnel)
6 High Quality Log
(3,500 g)
Used In Collect High Quality Log
Campfire Rank 9→8
Very Hard Underwear Set (Piaras, Walter, Gilmore, Galvin, Granites and Zeder - 600 g) 5 Pot of Basil
(2,000 g)
Abstaining from Emotion
Taunt Novice
Very Hard Wine (Caitin, Glenis, and Jennifer - 200 g) 6 The Good Son - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
10 1s, 15 2s and 20 3s)
Cooking Rank 8→7
Pastry Discussion Vol.1: Pie - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
20 2s and 30 3s)
Cooking Rank 7→6
Culinary Artist's Course: Steaming - (Exchange Royal Court
Food Delivery Lists:
30 1s and 35 2s)
Cooking Rank 6→5
Very Hard Teddy Bear (Nora, Eavan - 150g) - Handbell for Giants (C~G)

How to impress an NPC

  • Purchase gifts appropriate for the NPC you wish to impress.
  • Go to the NPC and offer a gift.
  • Start a conversation about personal information and nearby rumors. Use both of these.
    • IMPORTANT! When you start a conversation with an NPC, their general attitude towards you is indicated in parentheses after they greet you. At first, they will say something like, "NPC is paying attention to me", "NPC is looking at me" or something like that. Pay attention to these indications. They will tell you when to adjust your behavior so that you impress the NPC more effectively.
  • Start the pattern of giving one gift and then speaking to the NPC about private information and rumors.
  • When you run out of gifts, return to the store for more.
    • It doesn't matter if they are all the same gift. NPCs are not impressed any more effectively by variety.
  • If the NPC becomes irritated, saying something like " me a look that it may be better to stop this conversation":
    • Give 1 gold piece. Do this 4 times in a row (without conversation)! This will help reduce their irritation with you.
    • After the 4 gold pieces, have another conversation with the NPC to see if his/her attitude is better. If not, give 1 or 2 more gifts and continue until their attitude is better.
    • Once the irritation is dissipated, proceed back to giving gifts followed by conversation.
  • Another method one can use is to gift NPC's Likeability Potions.
    • Gift these to the NPC in the same way that you would items in the first method.
    • Refer to the chart above for the number of Likeability Potions required for each NPC. Keep in mind that if you have previously done the NPC's Part-time Jobs or have given the NPC his/her desired gifts, it might take less than the listed amount.
  • Buying items from an NPC and doing part-time jobs can increase the NPC's Intimacy as well.

When the NPC's attitude towards you says, "NPC is giving me a very friendly vibe," you are almost there. Some NPCs, like Nora, will begin telling you much more personal things during private conversations and their facial expression will change. These also serve as an indication that you're on the right track.

Finally, some NPCs are easier to crack than others. For one user utilizing the above method, it took about 16 gifts to get Nora's shop. Agnes required about 30 gifts. Nele took 28 gifts. Stewart's shop opened with 19 gifts. Aeira's Shop opened after 16 gifts and 4 gold pauses. 62 gifts for Kirine's shop. Note that these are examples and not fixed numbers of the actual gifts required by any of the NPCs mentioned. The actual numbers required will vary; even the same NPC may require more or less gifts if a player needs to gain their friendship again (it slowly decreases unless they are given gifts each in-game day or their part-time jobs are successfully completed on a daily basis).

Special Coupon Shops

Aeira and Manus also have a special shop that can only be accessed with a coupon from Fleta and not by gifting them their favorite items.

List of Special Coupon Shops

NPC How to Unlock Items Effects
Fleta's Chore Quest Effective Meditation
(6,190 g)
Meditation Rank E→D
The History of Music in Erinn (4)
(13,200 g)
Musical Knowledge Rank B→A
Rab's Dog Collar Quest First Aid Using Splints
(8,000 g)
First Aid Rank E→D
The True Value of Mental Rest
(6,190 g)
Rest Rank D→C