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Portrait of Shena
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Waitress
Location Emain Macha
Part-time Job Grocer
Monday - Friday (Channel 3)
8:00 am - 9:00 pm
Report From: 12:00 pm


Shena is a young lady with an adorable dress sporting yellow laces. She leans a bit to her right so she can look at customers with her large cherry-colored eyes. Her complexion is very smooth and clear. Each time she speaks, she enunciates her words in her perfect, clear voice, while her short bobbed hair bounces up and down

Shena is the waitress at Loch Lios, Emain Macha's lakeside restaurant.

She also has a cousin named Cecilia.

Shena's Quote: "Of course, Loch Lios is the best restaurant in the kingdom"[1]

Emain Macha Cooking Contest

  • To get access to the Chef Exam held on every Saturday, you must do Shena's part-time job, which she only offers on Channel 3 and can only be done from Monday to Friday.
  • Part-time job is not available on the week that the Monthly Cook Off is held.
  • A reward for completing Shena's part-time job is the Chef Exam Ticket, which is required to enter the contest.
  • When you ask Shena about part-time jobs for the first time, you will obtain the keyword "Chef Exam." Use this keyword when talking to the NPCs around Emain Macha for possible tips on the exam. The NPCs will say random tips so you can repeatably use the keyword for more of them. Examples of the tips given are:
    • "The daytime exam will require a ladle"
    • "It is a good idea to bring sugar for the nighttime exam"
  • Shena's part-time jobs start at 8:00 AM, the earliest time a player can report back is 12:00 Noon and the last chance to apply for a part-time job is 9:00 PM.


Part-Time Jobs

  • Only available on Channel 3 and can only be done from Monday to Friday.
  • She will give you all the ingredients you need.

Shena's Equipment


  • Her cousin Cecilia shares her models, but with different colored hair and clothing.