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IGN: XSnowie
Server: Tarlach
Current Task: Enchants Revision.

Sandbox List

Sandbox Name Current Purpose
Sandbox 1 SAO Dungeon Event Combo Card Piece Locations
Sandbox 2 Magic Craft Training Information for Ranks 4,3 and 2
Sandbox 3 Enchanting Sequences Rework - Project: Enchant Revision (Part 2)
Sandbox 4 Cash Shop Rework (Not yet started)
Sandbox 5 / 5.0 / 5.1 / 5.2 Makeshift ArraySearch + Sorting Table
Sandbox 6 Random Coill Abyss Data
Sandbox 7 Beauty Coupon cleanup
Sandbox 8 Shadow & Theatre Monster Combat Power (Moved)
Sandbox 9 Commerce Bandit Combat Power (Unmoved)