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Wishing Tree

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Portrait of Wishing Tree
Wishing Tree
Race Tree
Gender None
Occupation Currency Converter
Location Commonwealth of Belvast


If you make a wish on a slip of paper, this is where it will end up.

The Wishing Tree is a tree that converts Gold into Ducats. Players can pay once per real-life day in quantities of 1, 1,000, or 10,000, and will have a chance to receive the equivalent amount of Ducats by the next day.

The amount of gold given to the tree also determines its response:

  • 1 Gold: "Huh... How about you use this time to go through a dungeon instead? This is like...expecting a White Spider in Alby Dungeon to drop a Falcata."
  • 1,000 Gold: "Hmm, I feel that you didn't give enough, but... I'll pray that your wish comes true someday."
  • 10,000 Gold: "What luck you have! With this, peace will arrive in Belvast Island and your wish will come true as well, {Player Name}. I'll make sure to pray for your wish first, {Player Name}!"