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7th Anniversary Gift Box

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Inventory icon of 7th Anniversary Gift Box

2 × 2
Stack: 100

A commemorative box that is earned during the 7th Anniversary Event. Contains one of a number of items: Goddess Altar, Stonehenge, Lia Fail, Trading Post Tent, and Dungeon Orb Figures as well as a Festive Hat, Macha's coin, Starlet, Fergus and Tarlach, Balloons

Methods to Obtain

  • 7th Anniversary Event
    • Mabinogi 7th Anniversary Event Quest (1 box once only)
    • Hello Fellow! Event Quest (1 box once only)
    • Sitting by a fire for 10 minutes total while in the event area (1 per day)
    • Roulette Game Daily Quest (1 per day)
    • Popularity Contest (1 per day)
    • The Fattening Daily Quest (1 per day)
    • Hammer Game Daily Quest (1 per day)
    • Hammer Game Winning Score above 700 (20 per day)