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A Small Note Inside the Bottle

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Inventory icon of A Small Note Inside the Bottle

1 × 1

A small note left inside an empty bottle. The following note is written in small writings. Additional specific message varies per which bottle quest was completed.

Resell Value is 50g.

Methods to Obtain

Used In

  • Quest completion


  • Additional specific message from the note in "Grilled Shellfish" quest says, "What? I'm supposed to share this roasted shellfish? I heard the saying that sharing is twice the fun, but if I eat this all to myself, then that's twice the food for me! - A friend of a food-lover"
  • Additional specific message from the note in "Deliver the Silk Striped Marlin" quest says, "It's been a week since I was stranded in this island because of bad weather. Eating nothing but fish for the past week has made me sick of my previously favorite food."
  • Additional specific message from the note in "The Imps' Prank" quest says, "I think it's just brutal that the imps hid a huge nail inside a rock...but whenever I see a couple on the beach having a good time, I feel like ruining their party ASAP. I guess I now understand why the imps do what they do. - Someone who's alone at the beach"
  • Additional specific message from the note in "The Lonesome Journey" quest says, "I have now reached the point where I do not need an axe to chop off wood, and my bare hands are enough to slice a huge rock in half, but...I am still no match against swords or bows...I may need to train at least 10 more years to reach that level... - The Master of Combat"