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Adniel's Horn Bugle

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Hotkey Icon
Inventory icon of Adniel's Horn Bugle

2 × 1

A symbol of promise you received from Adniel, the Gold Dragon.
The Dragon Knight says you can receive Adniel's help if you use it in the Shadow Realm.
Adniel has warned you and your teammates to be careful around explosions to avoid incurring damage.
If you haven't become the Dragon Knight, place the Ancient Lightning, Sun, and Snow Fragments in the Erkey Waterfall Ruins in Courcle.


  • Bound to player inventory.
  • Can be placed into the "Me" inventory tab.
  • Cannot be traded.

General Information

  • You may hotkey this item by dragging this item on to any of the F1-F12, Numeral, "-" and "=" or Extra Skill Slot keys.
  • Can be used only once an in-game day.
    • Timer resets at 6:00 AM.

Methods to Obtain

Used In