Advanced Colossus Mini

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A Colossus Mini made by a skilled artisan. If your Colossus Marionette skill is Rank 9 or higher, you'll always summon an advanced Colossus Marionette. If you dye it with a Mini Dye Ampoule, the colors will be applied to your summoned marionette. Equips with a Control Bar.

Base Stats and Information

Advanced Colossus Marionette
Icon of Advanced Colossus Mini
2 × 2
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 1 Durability 0 Human M Human F Irreparable
Protection 1 Upgrade 0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value
4,200 G
Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Left Hand Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types
/ Marionette / 
Other Information
Obtained From
Sold By

Dye Details

Items can be dyed using Dye Ampoules. The colors available depend on the palette of the part to be dyed.

  Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part Overall Colossus Helmet and Arm Guards Straps
Palette Used Cloth Cloth Cloth