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Portrait of Aodhan
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Knight
Location In front of Emain Macha's Castle


Aodhan's sharp features mirror his expression. He has thick eyebrows above sharp azure eyes, a thin nose, and an angular chin. Aodhan's thin lips are taut with determination. The single braid hanging from his short hair instantly identifies him as a Knight. Tall and sure of himself, he sticks out his chest as he talks, leaving a powerful impression over those around him.

Aodhan guards Emain Macha's Castle. He is the Captain of the Royal Guards. It is his duty to protect the Royal Family of Emain Macha. According to Aodhan, the Royal Guard does not have a separate division for town enforcement. This makes Aodhan also in charge of protecting Emain Macha. He finds himself with trouble teaching to people who are not soldiers. He also has a respect for people who respect others.

Aodhan's Quote: "My sword is for protection. It is not for slaying delicuents[sic]..."[1]

Music Track Title: For Justice



  • Obtain a weapon with 100% proficiency. Speak to Aodhan about 'Private Story' to initiate the Spirit Weapon quest from which a player acquires an ego weapon.
    • Note: Before talking to him with the keyword, get rid of Eiry, which counts as a Spirit Weapon.
    • Note: 80% of original max durability is only required when turning the weapon into an ego. You may use any 100% proficiency weapon to activate the quest.
  • Speak to Aodhan while dual wielding to start the Final Hit quest for Humans.


Aodhan's Equipment

*Aodhan's variant possesses a cape.