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Avon Feather

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Inventory icon of Avon Feather

1 × 2

A feather that will teleport you to Avon.
Use this feather once to teleport to Avon, and again to teleport back to your original location.
Once you use it, you have to wait 5 minutes to use it again.

Methods to Obtain

Used In

  • Using the feather will take the player to Avon. Using it in Avon will return the player to wherever they were before, like a Return Coupon.
  • Using the feather will not make it disappear.



  • There is a 5 minute cooldown when using this item to teleport either to or from Avon.
    • Logging off and back on will not reset the cooldown.
  • Bound to player inventory.
  • Cannot be dropped.
  • Cannot be destroyed.