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Baby Owl Birdcage

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Inventory icon of Baby Owl Birdcage

2 × 2

There is a snow-white owl inside this small birdcage. Although it's small, the owl is full of energy and sparkle. You have received a special request from Nao, asking you to help her look after her owls. She says they can grow into healthy adults if you feed them regularly.

The Baby Owl Birdcage has the options to "Check Owl" and "Destroy" (to see these options right click on it in the inventory).

  • "Check Owl" opens the "Baby Owl Journal", a book that records the number of times the baby white owl has been fed.
  • "Destroy" will allow the player to remove the Baby Owl Birdcage from their inventory. They will get another the next real life day.


Cannot be stored on pets or in banks.
Cannot be dropped or traded.
Cannot be burned in a fire.

Methods to Obtain

  • Logging in during the Global Owl Event (2009) or the second Owl Event for the first time will result in the player talking to Nao and she will give the player a Baby Owl Birdcage. Subsequent Baby Owl Birdcages appear in the players inventory, when they log in during the next day without one.
    • You only meet with Nao once.