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Portrait of Bassanio
Race Human
Gender Male


Bassanio is a character of Merchant of Venice. He is Antonio's best friend and Portia's husband. He claims himself to be the "Not-so-distant cousin" of Ethur Mac Cuill the Second.

Merchant of Venice

Friendship of the Ocean

Bassanio had survived a shipwreck that pirates had attacked. Soon, another ship comes, and Antonio, who was on that ship, rescues Bassanio. However, pirates soon lay siege on the ship.

A battle ensures. Soon, Bassanio rescues Antonio from a pirate who snuck up behind him. Since the two had rescued and protected each other, they agree to become best friends.

Portia's Memory

Portia, a beautiful, wealthy heiress, constantly dreams of a man who will be her husband. That man is Bassanio, who apparently embarked for Belvast by fate. He gave her a compass as a gift, and promised her to return.

According to Antonio, Bassanio wanted to return to Portia as a wealthy man rather than a poor commoner, however he was unable to. Until he received Portia's Love Letter, he tries to head back to her, but requires 30 million gold in order to do so.

Price of Love

Antonio needs 30 million gold in order to help the poor Bassanio. However, his trading ships are away, so Antonio must rely on Shylock, his rival. Shylock agrees to give him a loan, but he must pay it back within three months. He then requests Antonio to meet him within Alby Dungeon.

Antonio and Bassanio meet Shylock within the depths of Alby Dungeon. Shylock explains the condition: If Antoino fails to repay him at the specified date, he loses his heart. Despite Bassanio's protests, Antonio agrees, stating he will have thrice the amount of the loan long before the deadline. Bassanio attempts to draw his sword with his shaky hand, but is unable to. He takes the check and leaves.

Gold and Silver

Upon receiving Reply, Portia is delighted to hear such news and prepares for the proposal test. It requires a Horrifying Skeleton, a Clown Doll, and a Portrait of her.

She also explains that she met Bassanio within Iria after he was washed away by a storm.

Leave It to Fate

Bassanio takes the proposal test in order to marry Portia. Going over to the Gold Box, he remarks "Is our world so shallow, that a hint of gold can still fool so many? Even in court, a vile and guilty criminal can hide behind a sweetly-worded plea, hiding the true evil. And in the church, a terrible sin can be covered with blessings and pagentry. Such beauty is purchased, not earned, and I will have none of it." Approaching the Silver Box, he states "And I will have none of this, speaking of meager dealings between men." With the Lead Box, he exclaims "No...this simple box, that threatens instead of promises... This moves me more than any gold or silver. I choose this box, and pray for our happiness!" and opens it, finding Portia's Portrait. Having successfully passing the test, he marries Portia.

During the wedding, Antonio did not show up; his appearance at the wedding was merely a figment of Bassanio's imagination. He remembers that Shylock requested Antonio held within the Commonwealth of Belvast until their agreement has completed or expired.

Keep Enemies Closer

Bassanio, alarmed after hearing Antonio's arrest, immediately rushes to Belvast Island along with Portia. After successfully breaking him out, he refuses to leave, however, stating that offering his heart is the right thing to do for Shylock.

As Portia tries to clear a route, Bassanio tries to convince Antonio to leave. Shylock soon appears with a Shire and states that the loan has been repaid and urges Antonio to leave, with no explanation whatsoever. Antonio heeds Shylocks words, mounts the Shire, and leaves with his friend.

While Portia is outnumbered by the Belvast Guardsmen, the Shire mounted by Antonio and Bassanio runs them over. They soon board a ship manned by Nicca and Ethna and leave Belvast Island, with Shylock watching from the distance.

In the aftermath, the trio decide to travel the world.

Bassanio's Equipment


  • In the original story of The Merchant of Venice, Bassanio had asked for 3,000 Ducats for travel expenses, not as a wedding dowry.
  • In the original story of The Merchant of Venice, Portia mentions to have met Bassanio sometime earlier before the events of the play. After the two reunite and fall in-love, Bassanio is anxious to take the proposal test, but Portia urges him to wait in case he chooses wrong.
  • In Shylock's Alby Dungeon Pass, Bassanio has a Hurricane Cylinder, although the cutscene shows him wielding a Longsword.
  • In the original scenario of Leave It to Fate, as Bassanio takes the proposal test, the members of Portia's household sung a song. Opening the Lead Box, he found a scroll that said "You that choose not by the view, Chance as fair, and choose as true! Since this fortune falls to you, Be content and seek no new. If you be well pleas'd with this, And hold your fortune for your bliss, Turn you where your lady is, And claim her with a loving kiss."
    • All the World's a Stage - Localizing the Merchant of Venice states that the original quote, "The world is still deceived with ornament. In law, what plea so tainted and corrupt, But, being seasoned with a gracious voice, Obscures the show of evil?" was changed into "Is our world so shallow, that a hint of gold can still fool so many? Even in court, a vile and guilty criminal can hide behind a sweetly-worded plea, hiding the true evil." to prevent confusion amongst players.
  • During Escape from Belvast, the Shire inadvertently knocks over the Milletian, yet Bassanio nor Antonio does not apologize for it. In fact, Bassanio questions why the Milletian was lying down after being knocked over.
  • In the original scenario of Keep Enemies Closer:
    • After Bassanio marries Portia, he immediately rushed to Venice with 6,000 Ducats from his wife, twice the amount of the loan, to cover the expense. However, Shylock refused it.
    • After Shylock's defeat in court, he concedes to accepting Bassanio's offer of money for the defaulted bond, first his offer to pay "the bond thrice," which Portia, in the disguise of a lawyer, rebuffs, telling him to take his bond, and then merely the principal, which Portia also prevents him from doing on the ground that he has already refused it "in the open court."
    • Bassanio does not recognize his disguised wife and offers a gift as a present. First she declines, but after he insists, Portia requests his ring (something he promised not to lose, give, or sell) and Antonio's gloves. Antonio parts with his gloves without a second thought, but Bassanio gives the ring only after much persuasion from Antonio.
    • After returning to Belmont, Portia taunts and pretend to accuse her husband before revealing she was really the lawyer in disguise.