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Category:Gachapons (Past)

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This category is for Gachapons or earlier versions of a Gachapon that are no longer sold. For the list of Gachapons that are still being sold, go here.

The Gachapons here are labelled by their end-of-sale date.
For Gachapons that are updated with different items but retain the same name (i.e. Eweca Orb), page names will now include the Start date of release. (This is done so items later retired from a specific Gachapon are not linked to an incorrect, newer version of that Gachapon.)

  • Gachapons with unique names do not require a Start date in their page title.
    • If a Gachapon with the same name is released at a later date and includes a modified rewards list, the new Gachapon page name should then include a Start date to avoid confusion.
      • Added date may be simply the year "(2017)" or month and year "(Jan. 2017)". Please include a period after the month abbreviation (Jan. Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec.).

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