Commerce Reforging Tool

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Inventory icon of Commerce Reforging Tool

2 × 2
Stack: 100

A reforging tool specialized for Commerce. This reforging tool can increase Commerce stats. A more powerful reforge is possible when used on a G15 NPC outfit. You cannot use it on items that haven't been reforged. Your Crafting stats, rank, and number won't change.


Cannot be mailed.
Cannot be stored on pets.
Can only be traded between players once.
Can be moved throughout account via bank.

Methods to Obtain


Used In

  • Reforges a previously reforged item, changing its reforged bonuses.
    • What separates this from the Fine Reforging Tool is the Commerce Speed Boost Reforge, a reforge that can only be obtained through this tool.
      • Receiving the Commerce Speed Boost Reforge is not definite.
      • The Commerce Speed Boost is only available on Clothing. However, only Generation 15 NPC Costumes (Antonio's Costume, Bassanio's Costume, Portia's Costume, and Shylock's Costume (G15)) can reach any level up to 20.
        • Be aware that all of these outfits have a counterpart that can not receive the reforge exceeding level 10. Such outfits do not have the "(G15)" labels in their name.