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Courcle Artifacts/Courcle Excavation Maps

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The following maps indicate where both statues and artifacts may be found using L-rods in the various regions of Courcle. For a list of the artifacts that can be found go to the list of artifacts on the Courcle Artifacts page.


Cor excavation(with Key).jpg
Excavation spots around Cor.

Pantay Swamp

Marshes of Pantay Map.jpg
Excavation spots around Pantay Swamp.

Cenae Meadows

Cenae Meadows(with Key).JPG
Excavation spots around Cenae Meadows.

Herba Jungle

Herba Jungle(with Key).jpg
Excavation spots around Herba Jungle.

Lappa Village

Lappa Village(with Key).jpg
Excavation spots around Lappa Village.

La Terra Highlands

La Terra Highlands(with Key).jpg
Excavation spots around the La Terra Highlands.