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Note: If you skipped Generation 3 while it was still possible, it would have increased the difficulty of this quest, and dungeons will have additional floors; the extra floor is a duplicate of the 2nd to the last.

Tarlach's Request

  1. After completing or skipping the Generation 3 Mainstream quest, you will need to wait a few minutes for an owl. It triggers the quest "Tarlach's Request," giving you a Ciar Dungeon Pass (solo-only), along with the keyword Ciar and the Armor of Darkness for a replacement of the pass. Drop this Pass on Ciar Dungeon's altar and complete the 3-floor (4-floors if you skipped G3) dungeon. It is a Ciar Normal with fewer Goblins and only three Metal Skeletons instead of six surrounding the Golem, but with a few Blue Rat Man and Burgundy Sickle Laghodessas thrown in. At the end, you will obtain the Dark Knight Armor from the reward chest.
  2. Take the Dark Knight Armor and talk with Tarlach to obtain the 1st Piece of Dark Knight's Armor (Dark Knight's Body Armor) and the keyword Piece of Dark Knight Armor.
  3. An owl will bring a new quest soon afterward. Talk with Piaras in the Inn of Tir Chonaill with the keyword to obtain the book Dark Knight, the one with the Armor of Darkness. Advanced Read it and you will get the keyword The Curse on the Armor of Darkness.
    • A voice from the armor pieces will begin talking to you, with a message on the screen, when you speak to any NPC or summon Barrier Spikes.
  4. Talk with Goro in Alby Battle Arena with the new keyword and he will give you the 2nd Piece of Dark Knight's Armor (Dark Knight's Boots). Goro will then direct you to Seumas.

The Fragments

  1. After the new quest arrives, go to Gairech Hills and talk with Seumas to obtain a Fossil of Dark Knight Armor.
  2. Talk with Stewart in Dunbarton and obtain a Potion of Restoration. He'll direct you to Lassar.
  3. Prepare three Mana Herbs and talk with Lassar to obtain the 3rd Piece of Dark Knight's Armor (Dark Knight's Helmet). Complete the quest.
  4. Talk to any NPC until the armor tells you to go to Rabbie Dungeon and drop anything to enter.
  5. Enter Rabbie Normal Dungeon alone. The armor will urge you onward. The dungeon is 3 floors (4 if skipped), and has a reduced number of skeleton-type enemies. Defeat the Black Succubus; she should drop a Priests's Black Medal. If not, you'll have to do it again.
  6. Turn in the Medal to Kristell in Dunbarton. She will then ask you to bring her a Teardrop of the Spirit to reveal the Medal's true form. Afterwards, you'll obtain the 4th Piece of Dark Knight's Armor (Dark Knight's Shoulder Pad), an Albey Dungeon Pass (Kristell tells you to go to Alby but this is a typo), and a keyword Albey Dungeon Pass to obtain a replacement if needed.
    • To get a Black Fomor Pass to enter Tir Na Nog, you will need to equip a "Slayer" title, and use the "How to Reach Tir Na Nog" Keyword.
    • This item can be obtained from a Spirit Weapon by conversing with it using the Teardrop of the Spirit Keyword (Received from G3 Quest Protection Charm). If you do not have the keyword or a spirit weapon, you will have to obtain the Tear from other players.
    • For some odd reason, the Keyword only works on Kristell, and not on Dougal, despite that he can send you to the last event.

Dark Knight Armor

  1. Enter Tir Chonaill (Another World) and drop the Albey Dungeon Pass (solo-only) on the altar. The dungeon is much like Albey Normal, having lesser rooms and reduced spawns. This dungeon contains two floors (three if skipped), contrary to Albey Normal. Boss is a trio of Light Gargoyles.
  2. A cutscene begins, where you find the 5th Piece (Dark Knight's Gloves) in a chest, and a Black Wizard appears to speak with you. During the conversation, all five pieces will rebuild itself to make the Armor of Darkness (Complete Armor).
    • This armor cannot be traded or dropped, so if you do not wish to become a Dark Knight, you may choose to talk with Tarlach to rid of the armor. You may still become a Dark Knight if you destroy the armor.
  3. The Black Wizard tells you that you should experience the power of a Dark Knight for yourself before you make your final decision. After the cutscene, you will receive a Dark Knight Amulet, the keyword Dark Knight Amulet, and be returned to the Square in Tir Chonaill.
    • This step is optional. If you wish to remove the armor, you must do so before completing the next step. Speak with Tarlach at night and you will be given a quest in a few in-game hours (turn in the previous quest also). Talk to Duncan in Tir Chonaill's town square who directs you to Meven, and receive a Feather of a Blue Lightning. Optionally, you can enter Dunbarton School's Library with the Feather in your inventory to view a cutscene. Afterwards, talk to Meven inside Tir Chonaill's Church and he will give you a Potion of the Dawn to weaken the Armor. Bring this potion to Tarlach and he will use it to remove the Armor of Darkness from your possession.
      • If you don't use this method to get rid of the Armor of Darkness, the only other way to dispose of it is to go meet the Black Wizard again after the following RP quest.
  4. Drop the Dark Knight Amulet on the Barri Dungeon altar and complete the RP quest. In this quest you will be Ruairi as a Black Knight and will be able to experience all the Dark Knight skills, along with more changes to Ruairi's Skill Ranks. Ruairi's Black Knight transformation has unlimited duration and can be toggled on or off at will without the once-a-day restriction. The dungeon is similar to Barri Basic, but it's 3 floors instead of 4 and has the four Ogre Warriors and one Large Ogre Warrior of Barri Normal at the end. Complete the RP dungeon and you will obtain the keyword Where Black Wizard Is.
    • If you somehow lose this Amulet, you can obtain another one from Gilmore by using the Dark Knight Amulet keyword.

Becoming a Dark Knight

  1. Talk with Dougal in Another World about Where Black Wizard Is to obtain an Albey Dungeon Pass.
  2. Drop the Pass on the altar and go through a two-room empty dungeon (except an orb room before the boss which spawns non-aggressive creatures such as Rats or Bats) to meet the Black Wizard (NPC, not Monster), who will be waiting for you in a corner of the vacant boss room. Speak to him and the Black Wizard will ask two choices: Become a Dark Knight or Still undecided.This is the point of no return, and if you agree to become a Dark Knight there is no going back.
    • He will ask you once and Dark Knights will not be able to turn back into Paladins.
  3. If you choose to become a Dark Knight, all your Paladin skills will automatically be converted to their equivalent Dark Knight skills of the same ranks (except for Control of Darkness, as Paladins have no Active Skills). After this, you will be sent back to Tir Chonaill; if you answer that you haven't decided, you will stay a Paladin and remain in Another World and your Armor of Darkness will be gone. If you change your mind later, you can return and tell the Black Wizard you want to become a Dark Knight at any time; the Where Black Wizard Is keyword will remain in your travel journal until then.