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Dr. Lambert

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Portrait of Dr. Lambert
Dr. Lambert
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Rano
(Temple Ruins)


Dr. Lambert is a member of an archaeological expedition party investigating the correlation between the collapsed ruins and the changes in Iria's climate and geography. He theorizes that the appearance of the ruins in Muyu Desert of Rano is caused by the breaking of Irinid's seal.

Dr Lambert is located at the top of the mountain ruins south of the Kaypi Canyon Mana Tunnel. Flying mounts cannot land around his location so he must be approached on foot from the east side of the ruins.

Daily Quest

[Daily Quest] Dr. Lambert's Errands
How to Get Quest

Accept the quest from Dr. Lambert

Briefing Since I'm stuck here, my work is piling up. If you aren't too busy, could you help me out? - Lambert -
Additional Information