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An accessory made from Drosera, imbued with a special magic power. Drosera is one of only a few blossoming carnivorous plants. Use it to decorate your outfit or hair.
It has a delicate scent, despite its nature.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Drosera
1 × 1
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 1 Durability 5 Human M Human F Accessory
97% = 13,192 G
98% = 15,428 G
99% = 19,006 G
100% = 23,478 G
Protection 1 Upgrade 0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value
1 G
Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Accessory Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types
/ Accessory / Magical Accessory / 
Other Information
  • Cannot be dyed.
  • This item may receive randomized stat bonuses, which are compounded to its base stats (except those received through NPCs/gachapons):
    • Additional Defense: 0~5
    • Additional Protection: 0~2
Obtained From
Sold By
  • None

Magic Craft Details

Name Skill Rank Production Exp Materials Needed
7 3,000 Sundew × 5
Mysterious Herb Powder × 3
Intact Shyllien × 8