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Future content.png As of Generation 13, Season 1, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.
Portrait of Eiry
Race Spirit Weapon
Gender Female
Occupation Beginner Spirit Weapon


Eiry is the spirit in the Spirit Weapon a new character receives at the very beginning and is the player's beginner guide to playing Mabinogi: Fantasy Life. For Humans, she is a spirit Short Sword. Elves are given a spirit Short Bow, and Giants are given a spirit Great Mallet. By pressing the Speak with Spirit Weapon button (default "/"), players can talk to her to learn about basic information and surroundings, such as "How do I Fight" or "What is a Quest."

As of the Generation 13 update, Eiry is no longer distributed to new players. Instead, beginner equipment and items are determined by race and initial Talent, but no NPC replaces her. If a character has been made before the update and has never turned in Eiry, she will still be present in their inventory. If a player has never removed Eiry, Eiry can be destroyed.

Characteristics and Traits

  • Eiry will disappear for Human characters who chose Uladh as their starting area during the quest, Duncan's Call, which involves talking to Duncan after reaching a total level of 26, and will be replaced by a Fluted Short Sword.
    • For those who picked Rano as their starting place, Eiry is lost in the quest Alexina's Advice, which requires talking to Alexina after you reach a total level of 26.
  • Eiry will disappear for Elf characters during the quest Castanea's Advice, and will be replaced by a Elven Short Bow.
  • Eiry will disappear for Giant characters during the quest Krug's Advice, and will be replaced by a Great Mallet.
  • Eiry does not have many common attributes of a regular Spirit Weapon: