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Forest of Souls

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The Forest of Souls is a small wood west of Tir Chonaill. The area is where Human Milletians from Erinn's Soul Stream come to be if he or she is reborn in Uladh.


  • New humans who choose to start in Tir Chonaill will start in the Forest of Souls.
    • In order to come here after leaving it, a human character must use a rebirth with a character card and choose "Rebirth in Tir Chonaill" in the location options.
  • Besides NPC Chicks, Hens, and Roosters, there are two sets of monsters here: Young Raccoons and Light Gargoyles.
    • To reach the Young Raccoons, simply head straight down the path and they will be on your right.
    • The Light Gargoyles are located in a closed area. You must have rebirthed at least once with a paid basic/premium card to enter. To reach them, when you get to the Raccoons, simply make a right and keep going. You will see a path which leads to a large open area with Light Gargoyles.
      • Training here is not recommended because of the Camping Penalty, but it is good exp for the first few gargoyles killed.
  • If you talk to Tin after using a rebirth, you will have the opportunity to earn a Fixed Color Dye Ampoule. See Tin's page for more information on the mechanics.


A map of Forest of Souls
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Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Tutorial Helper Rebirth point


  • This place used to be known as Elemental Forest.