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Garbage Herb

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Inventory icon of Garbage Herb

1 × 2
Stack: 20

This herb has no medicinal uses. What's it good for?

Methods to Obtain


Monster Drops



Used In


Name Minimum Total Materials[1] Item Rank Skill Rank
Black Paint at least 1 Water, 1 Fish, and 10 Garbage Herbs -  ?


Image Created Item Known Recipe Rank
Dye Ampoule.png Fixed Color Dye Ampoule* Fixed Color Dye Ampoule ×2
Garbage Herb ×1
Unknown Ore Fragment ×1

*Using Two Fixed Dye Ampoules in the recipe will produce a new randomly-colored Fixed Dye Ampoule.


  1. This column is for the minimum number of each material required to actually produce a complete item within the least number of attempts and not the number of materials required for a single attempt (note that some items can be completed in a single attempt and in this case, the two are the same).