Generation 11: Sword of the Gods

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Generation 11: Sword of the Gods is the third part of Chapter 3. Mostly taking place in Rath Royal Castle, the Partholons and Neamhain plan to acquire the Brionac, a legendary sword that the Gods treasured, for their nefarious deeds.

Changes in Generation 11 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Sword of the Gods

The Disappearance of Buchanan, the Book Dealer

Buchanan's Library Pass.png

Dunbarton Library Card.png
Royal Library Card.png

Name The Disappearance of Buchanan, the Book Dealer NPC Aeira, Arzhela

In order to donate an Ancient Book, you will have to use the Monocle given to you, or one you bought beforehand, when you see a "Sparkling Spot" inside a room of Tara Rath Castle's Shadow Realm. You must go into a mission that takes place inside the Shadow Tara Rath Castle. It does not have to be a full Ancient Book, but a piece of it or a page of the Glowing Ancient Book. You may also use ones you find from other players, or one you found by yourself from an earlier run.


  1. Log in to receive a quest from Aeira.
  2. Talk to Aeira to receive Buchanan's Library Pass (1x2).
  3. Go to Dunbarton's Library and look at the Humanities bookshelf to find a Dunbarton Library Card (1x2). You will lose Buchanan's Library Pass as you enter the Library.
    • If you accidentally leave, you may go to Aeira for another another Library pass.
  4. Talk to Aeira to give her the library card. You will receive a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tara's Stonehenge upon finishing the conversation.
  5. Talk to Arzhela inside the Tara Rath Castle on the second floor's library and receive a special Monocle. It is bound to the player. It can be destroyed, which is the only way to get rid of it.
    • The only reason you will need to destroy it is if the Monocle's durability runs out or if you do not need it anymore. If you destroy your Monocle before completing the task, you may receive another by talking to Arzhela.
  6. Go into the Shadow Realm of Tara Rath Castle and look for old books found in one of the rooms. You may only see where the books are by wearing the Monocle (they appear at shiny spots on the floor in the shadow mission).
    • Applicable missions: The Other Alchemists, Fomor Attack, Ghost of Partholon. You may pick any mission. You only need one book/page.
    • When talking to Arzhela, choose the option "Donate Books" to give her the book.
    • After the mission you may destroy the Monocle, as you will not need it again.
      • However, you may keep it, should you decide to use it to collect pieces of Ancient Books for EXP and Gold.
  7. Talk to Arzhela again to receive the Royal Library Card (1x2) and the solo Shadow Mission Royal Library Investigation.
    • A Royal Alchemist may assist you.
    • You will fight several bone monsters before the boss, which is a Blinker.
      • Blinkers are incredibly difficult to dispatch, due to their tendency to use Flight.
      • To easily dispatch the Blinker, you may want to use any pets you have. Ranged Attacks, Sand Burst, and Gunslinger Skills can be used to attack the Blinker in Flight.
    • A red circle will appear before light bulbs are dropped from the chandelier. Get out of the circle or you will be hit.
    • After the fighting, an unhostile Cichol will spawn. Talk to him to clear the mission.
  8. Talk to Arzhela and she will take your library card. Complete the quest (35,000 EXP) Wait for the next quest.

The Royal Chef

Hotcake of Love Recipe.png

Hotcake of Love.png Gold Royal Library Card.png

Name The Royal Chef NPC Glewyas, Iron Pot

Cooking Missions are treated as Shadow Missions. The mobs found inside will be adjusted depending on your total level . Mobs in this dungeon will only take one damage until you "tenderize" it with a giant cooking tool. The cooking tool must be obtained in the mission from the Giant Silverware or Glewyas when he dies. Beware of multi-aggro. You are to follow the recipe of "Hotcake of Love" and give it to Glewyas. The quality is dependent on how long it took, and how many ingredients were killed inside the center of the dungeon.


  1. Talk to Glewyas. He will give you the Hotcake of Love Recipe, which is a Kitchen Dungeon pass.
  2. Talk to the Iron Pot and choose this pass to enter the "Make a Hotcake of Love" solo dungeon. If you fail, talk to Glewyas to receive another pass. You may have to stand quite close to the Iron Pot to talk to it.
    • Have one set of empty hands before entering dungeon. Due to the nature of the enemies, it may be best to use a melee weapon instead of arrows or magic.
    • Hit the orb in the center to spawn ingredients. Let Glewyas hit these ingredients a few times, then attack any of the ones he has "tenderized" (Protection stat lowered). Any ingredients not hit by Glewyas will be hard to kill due to their extremely high Protection stat.
    • Kill any two ingredients as fast as possible. Transformation may be required to stay alive.
    • Silver Tableware will appear once any two ingredients are killed. Kill the Silver Tablewares to obtain the Cooking Knife and equip it.
      • With the Cooking Knife, you may "tenderize" ingredients yourself.
      • The Cooking Knife has a very large splash radius. You may be able to defeat multiple ingredients at once by using it alone instead of switching to your normal weapon.
    • The Recipe calls for 9 Fruit, 13 Flour, and 7 Eggs.
      • It is not required to hit the exact amount of ingredients listed.
    • Just after 7 minutes have elapsed on the timer, hit the giant wooden fork prop to end the dungeon. If you hit it too late, you will "burn" the food.
      • It is more important to hit the 7 minute mark than to get the exact amount of each ingredient.
        • This is very important, especially on lower level missions such as Basic and Intermediate. Glewyas can, and will, kill ingredients even after the appropriate amount is reached. Glewyas does not kill many, but it can throw you entirely off if within 4 minutes of the mission, the amount is reached, and he is still killing. Wait until he dies, or play dead until about the 5 minute mark on lower missions to avoid this issue.
      • You may use Play Dead or Hide to safely pass time if you have the correct ratio of ingredients before the 7 minute mark.
      • Wire Pull will help pull ingredients away from the red circle, allowing for a better chance at ingredient management.
    • After hitting the giant fork, a window will pop up giving advice on your cooking ability. If everything was done correctly, this step of the quest will complete at this time.
    • Open the treasure chest for a Hotcake of Love.
    • The number of stars needed varies by your total level
      • 0~49: 2 stars
      • 50 ~ 74: 3 stars
      • 75~90: 4 stars
      • 91~100: 5 Stars
        • Originally 5 stars, this was readjusted in the Generation 14, Season 4 Update due to the difficulty increase of producing a 5-star dish.
    • Talk to Glewyas with the Hotcake of Love in your inventory to complete the quest requirement.
      • It is not required to give Glewyas the Hotcake of Love, but is required to have one that you made in your inventory.
  3. Talk to Glewyas to obtain the Glewyas's Mythril Chef Recipe Book. Right-click it and choose "Read" to obtain a library card item and receive the next mission.
    • If you give up the mission, click "Use" on the Royal Library Card to get the mission back.
  4. Complete the solo Shadow Mission, Buchanan's Secret. A Royal Alchemist may assist you.
    • The only monster is 8 Strange Books. You don't have to defeat all the books; just get the key from one of them and then enter the library. A cutscene will play.
  5. Complete the quest (15,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Alchemist Medal

Alchemist Medal.png

Jenna's Letter.png

Name Alchemist Medal NPC Sinead, Cai, Leymore

  1. Talk to Sinead to receive the Alchemist Medal Shadow Mission and the Alchemist Medal item (1x2).
    • You may bring two people to assist you.
    • You will go through 14 rooms before meeting Cai. Talk to him to complete the mission.
  2. Talk to Sinead to receive the Shadow Mission, The Pain of Love.
    • This mission is at the Taillteann altar. You may bring up to two people.
    • The area starts to the west gate of Taillteann. Head behind Alchemy building to find Leymore, and talk to him.
      • There are several monsters near the gate. You may simply run past them.
    • Immediately after talking to Leymore, one wave of monsters will appear.
      • If you are using Ranged-based attacks, it is possible to move to the front of the building and use the Ovens to trap them one at a time and take them out at your leisure.
    • Talk to Leymore to receive Jenna's Letter (2x2).
  3. Use the letter to view a cutscene.
  4. Complete the quest (12,000 EXP) to receive a Waxen Wing of the Blue Goddess to Taillteann's Stonehenge. Wait for the next quest.

In Search of Jenna

Neamhain's Talisman.png
Name In Search of Jenna NPC Jenna

  1. Talk to Collen in Taillteann to receive Neamhain's Talisman (2x2) and Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tara's Stonehenge.
  2. Complete the Jenna's Revenge RP mission at Tara's altar.
    • The difficulty is fixed on Basic.
    • You must defeat ten Corrupt Alchemists, five per wave.
      • Another wave will spawn after the first two waves are defeated, but a cutscene will end the mission.
    • Magnum Shot is highly recommended, using it to attack and defeat the alchemists at a long range while avoiding multi-aggro.
      • When the player first spawns as Jenna, the arrows are not equipped and are in the inventory. Players must equip the arrows in order to be able to use Magnum Shot.
    • Final Hit is another option, if the player has low latency, and will last just long enough to kill all 10 of the alchemists if timed right.
  3. Complete the quest (10,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Evolution of the Caliburn

Morrighan.png Name Evolution of the Caliburn NPC Sinead, Cai, Leymore, Morrighan

You are aided by Cai and Leymore. You will fail the mission if either one of them dies. It is wise to heal them in between switches.


  1. Talk to Sinead to receive the solo Shadow Mission, Investigating Traces of the Caliburn.
    • A Royal Alchemist may assist you.
    • You are aided by Cai and Leymore. Keep Cai and Leymore alive or the mission fails.
    • Eliminate three waves with 3 orbs each, and then the Boss which is a Shadow Commander.
      • Both Alchemists tend to spam Water Cannon and Frozen Blast, which fails often, on the offensive, but will never use multiple charges of Water Cannon. If they are hit but not knocked back, they will attempt to melee. If knocked back, they will use Wind Blast. If their HP gets too low, there is a chance their Life Drain will kick in.
        • Both alchemists have all their alchemy skill at Rank 1, but bad AI. You still have to defend/heal them at all costs.
    • Morrighan will appear after all the enemies are dead. Talk to her to complete the mission.
      • If you leave before talking to Morrighan, you will need to talk to Sinead to receive and repeat the mission.
  2. Complete the quest (15,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

The Song of Partholon

Parthalonian Artifact.png

Red Wing of the Goddess.png

Name The Song of Partholon NPC Briana, Buchanan

The dungeon you will be running is solo. There is no boss to fight. You are not to leave by using the Statue of the Goddess found at the end of the dungeon, otherwise you must go back to Briana and receive another pass and redo the dungeon once more.


  1. Talk to Briana and receive a Parthalonian Artifact (1x1) and a Red Wings of the Goddess to Ciar Dungeon. This is a solo dungeon.
  2. Drop the Partholonian Artifact onto the normal Ciar altar to enter the solo dungeon. The dungeon has no boss.
    • This dungeon is basically a shorter version Ciar Intermediate for One and only has one floor.
    • Open the chest to get your reward, then talk to Buchanan at the boss room. You will then be instantly removed from the dungeon.
      • Do not leave via the goddess statue or you will have to redo the quest.
    • Talk to Briana for another relic if you fail the dungeon or fail to complete the quest objectives in any way.
    • Completion of the dungeon will reward you with a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tara's Stonehenge.
  3. Talk to Briana again. Listen to the music she composed. She will ask if you enjoyed it or not afterwards.
    • If you answer yes then she will give you a score scroll titled "Parthalonian Prince" that is Grade A difficulty. If you say it was mediocre at best, you will not receive the score. You can also listen to it again by talking to Briana.
  4. Complete the quest (15,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Buchanan in the Shadow Realm

Book of Partholon.png
Name Buchanan in the Shadow Realm NPC Sinead, Cai, Leymore

You will be running practically the entire first floor of the castle. Both missions received during this quest is solo, however, the second one allows assistance of a Royal Alchemist. In the case that you die, you must either use Nao, or have a spotter with Advanced Phoenix Feathers in hand. Be well prepared as both Shadow Missions are rather long. You are to keep both Cai and Leymore alive at all costs. It is wise to heal them after every room.
Ideally, you will first want to take out any Shadow Bone Archers or Shadow Wizards that spawn. They are the most damaging to the Alchemists as well as yourself, so take extra caution.


  1. Talk to Sinead to receive the Shadow Mission, Buchanan Inside the Castle. This is a solo mission.
    • If Cai or Leymore die, the mission fails. You will need to heal them frequently.
    • Fight through 18 rooms until you get to the boss room, which has Buchanan. Talk to him to clear the mission.
  2. Talk to Sinead to receive the solo Shadow Mission, The Hidden Book of Partholon. A Royal Alchemist may assist you.
    • If Cai or Leymore die, the mission fails.
    • Similar to the previous mission, there are 16 rooms that must be completed here.
    • Hit the switches in the Dining Room in the order on the map below. Face your camera to the north or use the doorways in the image below to orient the camera in the proper direction to figure out which switch is which.
      • Note: Do not Dual Wield or have a pet out. This will cause you to hit switches multiple times.
      • Failure to hit the switches in the proper order will result in mobs being spawned.
    • When you get to the Armory, you will see a cutscene. You'll earn the keyword "Uroborus" upon completion. You will also be given the Book of Partholon.
      Partholons's Hidden Book Map.png
  3. Complete the quest (20,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

The Book of Partholon

Book of Partholon Page.png

Partholon Stone.png

Name The Book of Partholon NPC Sinead, Arzhela

Due to a bug, it is possible to never complete this quest as a Royal Alchemist. Furthermore, you will no longer be able to progress in Generation 11. See below.


If you helped someone with pages before receiving the quest, DO NOT complete the book until the quest tells you to. Otherwise, credit will not be given and you will be stuck on the quest.

  1. Talk to Sinead.
  2. Talk to Arzhela.
  3. Talk to Sinead to receive the solo Shadow Mission, Seven Pages, in order to retrieve seven Book of Partholon Pages for the Book of Partholon. A Royal Alchemist may assist you.
    • Fight through 15 rooms of monsters until you reach the treasure room.
    • The first room to the right will always spawn one Leprechaun. You can fully take advantage of this by harvesting all of the three pages and then exit the mission. The same mission will be given upon arriving in Erinn.
      • Leprechauns may spawn in various rooms as of G17S4. Each one can be harvested up to 3 times.
      • The last room has a single Leprechaun, who also happens to contain pages. You should enter the room with Bare Hands and then knock it down. Once it is down, click on the Leprechaun in order to "harvest" the pages.
        • You only have enough time to harvest one page before the Leprechaun gets back up.
        • The best ways to knock down a Leprechaun are low-ranked Firebolt, Wind Blast or Windmill or have a weak pet Smash it.
        • Another good way to knock him down is with an AOE pet summon.
        • Gathering with a partner will result in the same pages being dropped for both you and the partner.
          • Once picked up, these pages become bound to the player.
        • After all three pages have been harvested, insert them in the book before you kill the Leprechaun. This will ensure that the reward chest has a different page. As you insert the pages, the Leprechaun may start attacking.
          • Regardless of whether you place the pages in beforehand, you may still get duplicate pages from the Leprechaun.
    • The completion of the book may only take a minimum of one run. Talk to Sinead to obtain the mission again if the book is still incomplete.
    • If you are getting help from a Royal Alchemist, two treasure chests will spawn at the end. Both Chests will always have the same page in them.
  4. After completing the book, read the book and press "Collect Reward" to receive the Partholon Stone (2x2).
  5. Complete the quest (35,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Partholon Stone

Belita's Letter.png

Partholon Crystal.png
Underwear Set.png

Name Partholon Stone NPC Sinead, Belita, Lucas

You will be running a very short version of Peaca with a very small amount of spawns compared to its normal version. You must have the quest in order to enter this special version of Peaca, otherwise you will be redirected into a normal version of the dungeon. If another party member has the quest, they will get the quest requirement completed as well.


  1. Talk to Sinead. You will receive a Red Wing of the Goddess to the Calida Exploration Camp.
  2. Talk to Belita to receive Belita's Letter (2x2). The stone will disappear and you will receive a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Emain Macha.
  3. Talk to Lucas inside the Bean Rua and give him the letter. He will give you a Red Wing of the Goddess to Peaca Dungeon and an Underwear Set.
  4. Head to Peaca Dungeon and drop the Underwear Set on the altar.
    • You may bring up to 7 other people to assist you.
    • It is a short, single floor Peaca Normal with only one monster (sometimes two and rarely 3) per room at a time and Lucas as a boss. The spawns are not weakened, however.
  5. Once Lucas is defeated, you are given Red Wing of the Goddess to the Calida Exploration Camp.
  6. Talk to Belita to receive the Partholon Crystal (1x1).
  7. Complete the quest (28,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.


Dark Oil.png Unstable Darkness Crystal.png

Stone Crystal.png Magic Crystal.png
Shock Crystal.png

Name Shock NPC Sinead, Leymore

In this quest, you will learn the Shock skill. After learning it, you may talk to Heledd to receive the quest for learning Shock Rank F. See the Shock skill page for more information.
The Shadow Mission is similar to Dorren's Request.


  1. Talk to Sinead to receive the Shadow Mission, Ancient Alchemy. You are given a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Taillteann's Stonehenge.
  2. Enter the solo Shadow Mission at Taillteann's Altar. You have 30 minutes to complete this mission.
    • Talk to Leymore for Mission Information.
      • Despite what Leymore tells you, you need to provide all 4 different ingredients to complete the mission.
    • Head to the center of town to find the switches.
    • The mission's spawns are similar to that of Dorren's Request.
    • Speak to Leymore after collecting Dark Oil, Unstable Darkness Crystal, Stone Crystal, and Magic Crystal to view a cutscene and complete the mission.
    • As a reward you will be given Novice-rank Shock skill and 5 Shock Crystals.
      • Attempting to use the Shock Crystals with an equipped Cylinder activates the skill (if you have the required Fire and Wind Crystals) but does not consume the Shock Crystal.
      • The Shock Crystals can be exchanged with Eabha for 2000 gold each.
  3. Complete the quest (30,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Evolution of the Brionac

Shadow Stone.png Name Brionac's Evolution NPC Aer, Collen

  1. Enter Aer's chamber at Ceo Island and a cutscene will play. (If you were already in the chamber when the quest arrived, you need to exit and re-enter to trigger the cutscene.)
  2. You are automatically moved to Collen in Taillteann. You will also obtain the Shadow Stone (2x2).
  3. Talk to Collen.
  4. Complete the quest (35,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.

Tir Na Nog

Brionac Item.png Name Tir Na Nog NPC Collen, Leymore, Neamhain

You must bring a cylinder of any type and must have at least 1 Fire and 2 Wind Crystals. It is ill-advised to fight Neamhain.


  1. Talk to Collen to receive the solo Tara Shadow Mission, Jenna in Danger. You will also receive a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tara's Stonehenge.
  2. Speak to Leymore once inside the Shadow Realm and then equip the Cylinder and prepare to use the Shock Skill.
    • Head west towards the waterfall until a cutscene begins.
    • After the cutscene, Leymore will start attacking Neamhain, who is impossible to defeat and can easily obliterate Leymore with a few hits of her Fury of Light. If Leymore dies, the mission fails and you will automatically be ejected from the mission.
      • Neamhain does not move, and her only method of attack is her Fury of Light.
      • She is also capable of Reflective Damage.
    • When Neamhain uses Fury of Light, load Shock and then use it on yourself, then click the Brionac before Leymore dies from the onslaught of Neamhain's attacks. (The fist icon will appear when you mouse over the Brionac to end the mission).
    • Receive Brionac as your reward (1 x 5). This is not the weapon; just an item.
  3. Complete the quest (35,000 EXP) and receive the next quest immediately. You will also receive the Goddess Needle (2x2).

Goddess Needle

Goddess Needle.png Name Goddess Needle NPC Python Knight

You are to be well prepared before starting Location of Destiny. To make things easier, place the Shadow Stone in your General Inventory for easy "Left Ctrl+Left Click" Use. You are to do this at least 3 times.
In the event that you die during the mission, the only ways to revive is to have someone use an Advanced Phoenix Feather, use a Nao Soul Stone, use a pet to revive you or have Flame of Resurrection activated beforehand.


  1. You will receive the Location of Destiny Shadow Mission. Go to Tara's shadow mission altar.
    • If you give up the mission, use the Goddess Needle to receive it again.
    • Fight Python Soldiers and Python Shamans as they spawn along the road to the castle's entrance.
      • There are a total of 9 waves to go through as you make your way through.
        • Python Shamans should be your first priority.
    • There will be a cutscene when you have defeated the last wave. Afterwards, you will be engaged with the Python Knight and his minions.
    • Lure the Python Knight away from his mobs to avoid multi-aggro.
      • Keep running away until the Knight uses Shadow Death, indicated when a black vortex appears. Allow Shadow death to hit you and use the Shadow Stone to fend it off.
        • Failure to use the Shadow Stone will result in Shadow Death knocking you unconscious instantly.
        • Having your inventory open and holding the left Ctrl key while spam-clicking the stone will easily block Shadow Death.
          • It may be possible to use the stone multiple times during the same phase due to repeated clicking.
        • Repeat this three times for a sequence of cutscenes to start.
  2. After the cutscene the second encounter begins, you are automatically given Awakening of Light transformation, which will last until the mission is over.
    • You will be able to use Awakening of Light and Shadow Spirit without EXP penalty. Spear of Light and Fury of Light will still use EXP when used.
    • You will also be given the skill Shadow Spirit at rank F.
    • The Shadow Stone will be removed from your possession.
    • In this phase, you cannot defend yourself from Shadow Death; you must dodge it or be defeated. He can still use it while he is stunned. Use the speed boost from Awakening of Light to your advantage in order to run away from the attack.
    • Lure away and defeat one of his minions and use the new skill on its fallen body to absorb its shadow. Repeat until you receive the message, "You've absorbed the spirits as much as possible." Then use the skill on Python Knight.
    • All attacks on the Python Knight will only do 1 damage until he is hit by Shadow Spirit, which lowers his Defense and Protection stats.
    • Defeating the Python Knight initiates a cutscene that ends the mission.
  3. Complete the mission (36,000 EXP). You will lose the Goddess Needle.
  4. Wait for the next quest.

Caliburn Pass

Caliburn Pass.png Name Caliburn Pass NPC Padan, Cai

You are going to assist Cai in taking down the Partholonian Barrier around Caliburn's Altar. Cai must survive for the duration of the mission.


  1. Talk to Padan to receive the Shadow Mission, To the Altar of Caliburn.
    • You may bring up to 7 other people to assist you.
    • Talk to Cai to begin the event.
    • You will fight south of the Pontiff's Court.
    • Head down the dirt road to find the enemies. You are battling numerous waves of Python Soldiers and Python Shamans. The boss is a Python Wizard, surrounded by his Python minions.
      • The mobs found in this mission are of the stronger variety. Extra caution is advised.
      • It is recommended to keep Cai alive by talking to Cai and stay on the cliff, while the other party members do the fighting.
        • If you have completed Generation 8, you can use Dragon Support while staying on the cliff. Be aware of your party's surroundings and where they are at when attempting to use the horn.
      • If Cai dies, the mission fails.
  2. Complete the mission and receive Caliburn Pass (2x2).
  3. Complete the quest (40,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.


Brionac.png Name Uroborus NPC

Once the Python Shamans are defeated, you will be facing 4 Uroburi. You will have the choice of either fighting them with a fixed camera angle, or your own camera angle. Due to the size of the battlefield, using the fixed angle is recommended, as you can keep and eye on all 4 Uroburi.
Once you defeat an Uroborus, it can still harm you with its flame attacks. Keep this in mind as you continue the battle.
Having a fast mount is recommended (but not necessary) due to the distance in between each Uroborus and benefits the player in escaping harm.


  1. Enter the Final Chapter Shadow Mission and complete it. You may bring to up 2 other players to assist you.
    • If for any reason you give up or lose this Shadow Mission, use the Caliburn Pass in your inventory to receive it again.
    • Eliminate the spawn of four Python Shamans.
    • A scene will play, spawning Uroboros.
      • Uroboros is split into four, immobile, different entities. You must defeat all of them.
      • Since Uroboros takes up most of the battlefield, the camera becomes "fixed." This can be toggled by clicking the "camera" button on the top right hand corner of the screen.
      • Uroboros attacks by spitting energy bursts at its target, and depending on the color, has a special effect. At some point, all 4 beings will simultaneously spew flames directly on the center or turn 90 degrees to the right and flame.
        • To effectively avoid the attacks, you must constantly run around the battlefield while attacking. To avoid the flames, either stay away from the center and the other heads (when they fire in the middle) or go to the center (when they fire to the side).
      • Each Uroboroi has two different parts: the head and the body. The body must be incapacitated in order to attack the head. Damaging the head is the key to defeating Uroboros.
        • You cannot delay; the head does not stay down very long, and thus, the body must be incapacitated again.
        • After recovering an attack to the body, a Uroboros may put up an energy barrier, preventing the body from being attacked for a limited time. Thus, you must target another Uroboros.
      • When an Uroboros head is "defeated", the whole entity will turn black.
        • Even if a head is defeated, it will still attack.
    • The quest is completed when all the Uroboros become defeated and blackened.
  2. You will receive the Brionac (the weapon) as a reward upon completing the mission.
  3. Complete the quest (25,000 EXP) to receive the Caliburn enchant scroll.

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