Generation 12: Return of the Hero

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Generation 12: Return of the Hero is the final piece to Chapter 3. The war between the Royal Alchemists and the Corrupted Alchemists continue within the plot, but meanwhile, the King of the Gods, Nuadha, makes his return, but has sinister plans for the other Gods, their city Falias, and the Milletian.

Changes in Generation 12 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Return of the Hero

Threat of the Homunculus

Sinead.png Name Threat of the Homunculus NPC Sinead

  1. Talk to Sinead in Rath Castle 2F to receive the solo Shadow Mission Investigate the Homunculus Experiment. There is no time limit.
    • Start the mission at Tara's stonehenge.
    • Head towards the square and defeat the three waves of monsters.
      • Sulfur Spiders are capable of Self-Destruct upon death. Caution is advised.
    • You will encounter a Boy. Talk to him, then fight a fourth wave of monsters.
      • The boy receives very little damage and will not be targeted by the monsters nor will he fight them.
    • After the fourth wave is defeated, talk to him once more. Follow him to the town square.
    • There you will face the last group of monsters. After they are defeated, the mission will be completed.
  2. Talk to Sinead.
  3. Complete the quest (18,000 EXP)
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Arat Alchemy Society

Secret Lair Pass.png Name Arat Alchemy Society NPC Collen, Jenna, James, Helvetius

All party members on this quest will also receive completion.


  1. Talk to Collen at Taillteann's church to receive the Shadow Mission Arat Alchemy Society.
    • This is a mission for 1-2 people and has a 30 minute time limit.
    • Start the mission at Taillteann's stonehenge.
    • For this mission, you begin at Taillteann's southern gate and must fight nine sets of monsters on the way towards the Taillteann Headquarters.
    • After you defeat all enemies, Jenna will appear near the Taillteann Headquarters. Talk to her to clear the mission.
  2. Talk to James at Emain Macha's cathedral to receive the item Secret Lair Pass (1 x 2) and a Red Wing of the Goddess to Peaca Dungeon.
  3. Complete the quest (10,500 EXP) and wait for the next quest to arrive.

Elder Royal Alchemist Lennox

Helvetius's Personal Letter.png Name Senior Royal Alchemist Lennox NPC Lennox, Jarlath

  1. Talk to Lennox in Rath Castle 1st Floor. He will take Helvetius's Personal Letter from you and give you the solo Shadow Mission Obtain Information from Jarlath. There is no time limit.
    • Start the mission at the Tara stonehenge.
    • There is a supply chest with Arat Berry Supplies.
    • You must speak to Jarlath in the upper-left room of the castle.
    • You will encounter Blinkers and Ice Mines.
      • You can completely avoid all fighting if you head through the Dining Hall (the center room). However, you will encounter additional ice mines there.
      • If you fail the mission, talk to Lennox to receive the mission again.
    • After speaking to Jarlath, there will be a cutscene and the mission will be completed.
  2. Talk to Lennox.
  3. Complete the quest. You will receive 10,500 EXP.
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Mobilizing the Royal Alchemists

Secret Note.png Name Mobilizing the Royal Alchemists NPC Sinead, Nuadha

  1. Talk to Sinead to receive Underground Waterway Investigation shadow mission. There is a 1-hour time limit.
    • Start this mission at Tara stonehenge.
    • You will be aided by Leymore temporarily. If he dies, the mission fails.
    • Clear the rooms until you meet Amos. After Amos runs away, talk to Leymore, who suggests splitting up. Continue clearing rooms and eventually, you will find the two in a corner.
    • Now you must go to the Underground Waterway. Leymore will not join you.
      • In the right-upper room of the castle, open the chest to get the Secret Note (1 x 1) item with the code.
      • Enter the closet and type the words on the note aloud in chat exactly how they appear (capitalization included) while standing within the circle on the floor to reveal a secret staircase.
    • Deeper into underground waterway, you will come across 3 Corrupt Alchemists. Defeat them, then move on to see a Goddess Statue which will clear the mission and also gain knowledge of the Heat Buster skill.
  2. Return and talk to Sinead to receive the solo Shadow Mission Underground Waterway Investigation 2 and Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Bronze) (1 x 2). You have 1 hour to complete the mission.
    • Make your way to the Underground Waterway.
    • The Corrupted Alchemists spawn numerous Stone Golems. They will disappear after the Corrupted Alchemist is defeated.
    • In the Underground Waterway, there are no Corrupted Alchemists, but Ice Mines in the center of the large sections.
    • Use the Badhbh Cath's Talisman once you return to the Statue and a cutscene will occur, followed by an encounter with Nuadha and four Daols who are all inhostile. After talking with Nuadha, you will clear the mission.
      • Note that the cutscene will not occur if you are too close to the statue when you use the Talisman.
      • When you are within range, an on screen message will appear with the text "Try using the Badhbh Cath's Talisman"
  3. Complete the quest. You will receive 26,000 EXP.
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Alchemy and Homunculus

Stamped Letter.png Name Alchemy and Homunculus NPC Lennox

  1. Talk to Lennox.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 8,000 EXP.
  3. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Path of a God

Nuadha's Talisman.png Name Path of a God NPC Nuadha

  1. You will receive the solo Shadow Mission The Path to Becoming a God and Nuadha's Talisman. This mission has no time limit.
    • Start this mission at Tara's Stonehenge.
    • Go through the underground waterway and speak to Nuadha to clear the mission.
    • There are no Ice Mines.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 10,500 EXP.
  3. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Alpin's Proposition

Lilieas's Donation.png Name Alpin's Proposition NPC Alpin, Aineah, Guard, Lileas, Keith, Hans, Padan

  1. Talk to Alpin in the Rath Castle 2F Garden.
  2. Talk to Aineah in Rath Castle Great Hall.
  3. Talk to the left Guard in front of the Castle.
  4. Talk to Alpin.
  5. Talk to Lileas at the Jousting Arena to obtain keyword Lileas Deluxe Honey Set.
  6. Use the Lileas Deluxe Honey Set Keyword on one of the following NPCs:
    Keith (Bank), Hans (Square), or Padan (camp near Tara's Stonehenge)
    The keyword will then disappear.
  7. Talk to Lileas again to receive the item Lileas's Donation (2 x 2).
  8. Click the box in Pontiff's Court to donate Lileas's Donation. The box is in the building, east of the door.
  9. Complete the quest. You will receive 12,500 EXP.
  10. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Badhbh Cath's Talisman

Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Silver).png Name Badhbh Cath's Talisman NPC Alpin

  1. Talk to Alpin. A cutscene will occur.
  2. You will receive Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Silver) (1 x 2) and the solo Shadow Mission The Goddess of Light.
    • Start this mission at the Tara stone henge. You will view a cutscene.
    • Simply make your way to Neamhain after the cutscene to clear the mission.
      • All four Daols will immediately aggro. Fighting them is ill-advised.
        • If you take approximately more than a minute to reach Neamhain, the mission fails.
      • A simple tactic to clear this mission is to run directly past them. A fast mount may help, and is recommended to summon it before entering the mission.
      • Elven and Crystal Deer's Hide do not work.
  3. Complete the quest for 10,500 EXP.
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Doubts about Nuadha

Manual- Temple Knight Coat of Arms.png

The Battle of Mag Tuireadh.png

Name Doubts about Nuadha NPC Lennox, Corentin, Collen, Jenna

  1. Talk to Lennox.
  2. Talk to Corentin.
  3. Enter the Confessional within Tara's Pontiff's Court to gather information about The Battle of Mag Tuireadh forbidden book.
    • To enter, a robe and a clothing must be equipped. Weapons and armor must not be equipped.
    • Use the Rest skill to sit in the chair and wait for a few moments until an NPC talks to you.
    • There are several ways to gain the information you need. You may use as many NPCs as you need until you get the information.
      • One possible way is to select “Advise” > “Appease” > “Change Topic” > “Ask About Book”.
      • The quest log will update when you have obtained the information.
  4. Talk to Collen to receive the Manual: Temple Knight Coat of Arms (1 x 2) and the Shadow Mission Temple Knight Coat of Arms.
  5. Offer the Temple Knight Coat of Arms at the Rundal Dungeon altar for a solo dungeon that contains roughly 1 floor and 24 rooms. Jenna will aid you, but will vanish when you open the boss room.
    • This dungeon is similar to the one previously done in Generation 9.
    • Should Jenna die, you will fail, automatically be booted from the dungeon, and must go back to Collen to re-obtain the Coat of Arms.
  6. After clearing the boss room you will receive The Battle of Mag Tuireadh (1 x 2) and a Wings of the Blue Goddess to Tara's Stonehenge.
  7. Talk to Lennox.
  8. Complete the quest. You will receive 20,500 EXP.
  9. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Goddess Morrighan

Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Gold).png Name Goddess Morrighan NPC Corentin, Morrighan

  1. Talk to Corentin and receive the solo Shadow Mission Soul Stream and the Badhbh Cath's Talisman (Gold) (1 x 2). There is no time limit.
    • Start this mission at the Tara stonehenge.
    • Simply speak to Morrighan to clear the mission. There is no fighting.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 10,500 EXP.
  3. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

All Out Attack!

Tower Cylinder.png Name All Out Attack! NPC Lennox, Leymore, Jenna, Helvetius

Talking to Lennox during this quest will allow a player to access all the bonuses from the Tower Cylinder.


  1. Talk to Lennox to receive the solo Shadow Mission All Out Attack! and a Tower Cylinder (2 x 3). This mission has a 20 minute time limit.
    • Start this mission at Taillteann stonehenge.
    • Inside the mission, you must talk to Leymore and Jenna, make your way from the east gate to the square.
      • It is not mandatory to engage the enemies nor assist the Royal Alchemist NPCs.
    • At the square, a cutscene occurs. Afterwards, enemies and NPCs who will aid you will spawn.
      • If either Lennox, Cai, Leymore, Jenna, or all five Royal Alchemists die, the mission fails.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 26,000 EXP.
  3. Relog or change channels to trigger a cutscene and wait for the next quest to arrive.

Nuadha's Trap

Holy Water of Falias.png Name Nuadha's Trap NPC Morrighan

  1. You will receive the RP Shadow Mission The Goddess' Memory and a Holy Water of Falias in case you fail the mission. There is a 20 minute time limit.
    • Start this mission at the Taillteann stonehenge.
    • You must RP as Morrighan and defeat all four Daols to clear the mission.
      • Morrighan is limited to walking. Utilize Silent Move to get around.
    • If you are defeated, the mission will automatically fail; you are not given any resurrection options whatsoever and will immediately warp out of the RP.
      • It is highly recommended that you use Wings of Eclipse all the time, and stay at a great distance from the other Daols while attacking as their multi-aggro can kill you easily. Try to take them out one at a time. However, one of their Spear of Light will disarm Wings of Eclipse.
      • It usually takes several Wings of Rage to eliminate the Daol. However, during the stunlock effect, they will always attempt to use Spear of Light. Before launching, they will say "!!!", at which point Silent Move should be used to dodge the impact.
    • A bug may occur where the screen turns white. Entering other areas may cause odd camera angles.
  2. Complete the quest. You will receive 20,500 EXP.
  3. Relog or change channels to trigger a cutscene and wait for the next quest to arrive.

Morrighan Caught in a Trap

Falias Fragment.png Name Morrighan Caught in a Trap NPC Morrighan, Falias Gatekeeper

  1. Relog or change channels to trigger a cutscene and receive a Falias Fragment (2 x 1).
  2. Use the Falias Fragment to receive the solo Shadow Mission Goddess in Danger. This mission has a 20 minute time limit. If you fail this mission, you will need to create another portal to Falias.
    • You must activate Awakening of Light or cast Shock on yourself and use Brionac's Create Falias Portal ability in order to go to Falias.
    • Once in Falias, talk to Falias Gatekeeper, who resembles Eabha, and then move forward to view a cutscene.
      • Pay attention to the pillar that the Gatekeeper wants you to destroy.
        • If the condition is not met, the whole mission may break, forcing you to redo it.
        • You can speak to the Gatekeeper again if you cannot remember what he said.
    • Go to the center of Falias and check the lithograph (the tall stone structure) for a glowing section. Once you find it, head in that direction to a stonehenge arch structure. Hit this to break it.
    • Repeat the same process until there are no more glowing sections of the lithograph. Then, destroy the pillar (stonehenge arch structure) the Gatekeeper mentioned.
    • Afterwards, go up to the altar on the raised platform directly north of the lithograph and click on the altar. Once the altar finishes its animation, the mission will be complete.
    • While you are performing the tasks around Falias, Morrighan and Nuadha are locked in combat in a barricaded area. If Morrighan dies, the mission fails.
  3. At the end you will receive Morrighan's Feather (1 x 1).
  4. Complete the quest. You will receive 12,500 EXP.
  5. Relog or change channels for a cutscene and wait for the next quest to arrive.

The Four Vates

The Ark of Falias.png Name The Four Vates NPC Dorren, Berched

  1. Talk to Dorren.
  2. Talk to Berched and receive The Ark of Falias (1 x 2).
  3. Complete the quest.
  4. Wait for the next quest to arrive.

Fragments of Falias

Goblet of Truth (The Ark of Falias).png
Falias Slab.png
Name The Treasures of Falias NPC

Bug Notice: Make sure you press 'complete' on the individual quests before a channel change or it may roll back the treasure quest, even if the treasure was collected in the book.
Any warps you take during this quest will prompt a dialogue with the previous last NPC spoken to. You will be stuck in place. This can easily be fixed by relogging or changing channels. If you wish not to change channels or relog, you can talk to another NPC by dropping an item to regain movement or talking to your spirit weapon to fix your movement and the ability to talk to other npcs.

  1. Lezarro and the Treasures of the Gods
    • Talk to Lezarro and you will receive the first fragment, the Goblet of Truth.
    • Complete the quest (10,500 EXP) and wait for the next one.
  2. Andras' Clue
    • Talk to Andras in Taillteann and receive the Connous Treasure Chest Key (1 x 1).
    • You are given the option to warp to Connous Underground Maze. You can talk to Andras anytime during this quest to warp to the Underground Maze.
      • You will be appear next to the staircase leading out to the surface.
    • Use the key to open one of the treasure chests located there to obtain the second fragment, the Uaithne.
    • Complete the quest (20,500 EXP) and wait for the next one.
  3. Belita of the Royal Geological Society
    • Talk to Belita in Calida Base Camp.
    • Talk to Legatus to receive the third fragment, Magic Wand, and 3 separate stacks of 100 Falias Bait Tins (2 x 2 each). The bait is used in the next quest.
    • Legatus will fly you to Rano, dropping you off near Myrddin.
    • Complete the quest (12,500 EXP) and wait for the next one.
  4. Wave Sweeper
    • Talk to Myrddin and board the Fishing Boat.
      • Alternatively, one can get on the fishing boat by using another player with the "Aspiring Sailor" title and get on the Fishing Boat by mounting on their pet.
    • Equip the Falias Bait Tin and a Fishing Rod and fish on the boat.
      • The Wave Sweeper is generally fished up rather quickly, but if for any reason you used up all of the bait, you may go to Legatus for more.
    • You will receive the fourth fragment, the Wave Sweeper.
    • Complete the quest (20,500 EXP) and wait for the next one. (Upon completing this quest, any remaining Falias Bait Tin will disappear from your inventory)
  5. Magic Breastplate
  6. Voight's Memory
  7. The Search for the Seventh Treasure of the Gods
    • Inside Solea Underground Tunnel and use the key to open one of any chests you find to obtain the seventh fragment, the Magic Club.
    • Complete the quest (20,500 EXP) and wait for the next one.
  8. The Golden Apple
    • Talk to Karpfen in Taillteann to receive the Shadow Mission Golden Apple. This is a 1-8 person mission with a 1 hour time limit.
    • Start this mission at Taillteann stonehenge.
      • This mission involves seven monster spawn locations.
      • After fighting all seven, proceed to the square to fight the boss.
        • As the boss battle progresses, there will be a Tree and a glowing circle in the center. 10 monsters must be "offered" to the circle in order to clear the mission.
      • Warning: Many enemies within the mission are at their strongest level. You are advised to be well prepared before entering.
    • Once you clear the mission, you will receive the eighth fragment, the Golden Apple
  9. Open the The Ark of Falias and click on complete to receive the reward, which is the Falias Slab (2 x 2)
  10. Complete both quests (26,000 and 38,000 EXP) and wait for the next one.
  11. Fragments of Falias
    • Go to the underground room on Ceo Island (the place where Aer is) and watch a cutscene. Morrighan's Feather (1 x 1) will now be usable and you will receive another Falias Fragment (2 x 1).
    • Complete the quest (20,500 EXP). You will immediately receive the next one.

Final Chapter

Falias Stonehenge Fragment.png Name The Final Chapter NPC Eabha, Nuadha
  • Steps 1, 2 and 3 below appear as 3 separate objectives in the quest. Completed objectives will be remembered on subsequent attempts.
    • For example, if you complete steps 1 and 2 but fail on 3, then when you re-attempt the quest you proceed directly to step 3.
    • This is in contrast to previous generations where the finale quest had to be completed in a single run.
    • However, final step, composed of four different stages, must be completed in a single run, making it the hardest step.

  1. You will receive the solo unlimited time Shadow Mission, The Final Chapter, and a Falias Fragment. Warp to Falias using the Falias Fragment to start the mission.
    • If you give up or fail the mission, you can obtain it again by right click and using the Falias Fragment.
      • This fragment is untradable and will not disappear on use until the mission is over.
      • If you need room and don't have 2x1 room in your inventory, you may right click-use the fragment and it will be moved to your temporary inventory with indefinite time.
    1. Talk to the Falias Gatekeeper. He will give you 5 Fire Crystals, 10 Wind Crystals and a Cylinder.
      • If you fail the quest and restart, you may talk to the Gatekeeper again to receive a reminder of what to do, but it is not required and you will not receive any further crystals or cylinders.
    2. Restore the stonehenges.
      • Stand near the lithograph in the center, cast Shock on yourself, and click on the lithograph. A panel will glow blue, pointing to which stonehenges need to be fixed.
        • DO NOT transfer Shock's ability to the Brionac or it will not work.
      • Click the stonehenge to attempt to restore it.
        • There may be Aonbharrs guarding the stonehenge.
        • If the repair fails, the stonehenge will crumble, and Aonbharr will appear either around the stonehenge or further out near the Falias Floating Stone. Defeat the Aonbharr and collect any Falias Stonehenge Fragments they drop. You may need to defeat more than one wave to obtain a fragment. Use the fragment to repair the stonehenge.
        • Beware of the Falias Floating Stone's Fireball or Thunder.
        • It is possible to never once come across a fragment or a need for one.
      • After restoring a stonehenge, another of the litograph's panels may glow blue. If so, repeat the above process. The number of repetitions required seems random.
        • Once enough stonehenges have been restored, a portal will open at the altar North of lithograph. Enter the portal to trigger a cutscene.
    3. Defeat Nuadha. There are four phases to this fight.
      • See here for more specific information.
      1. Use Morrighan's Feather on Nuadha when he is poised to strike with Light of Sword.
        • This is done by using the feather and then clicking Nuadha, though you must be close to him in order for the feather to work.
        • During this phase, the message "When Nuadha's swords are scattered in Falias, use Morrighan's Feather" prompts you to use the feather as Nuadha casts his sword.
        • The feather can be dragged to a hotkey for ease of use.
          • NOTE: There seems to be a bug with the current patch that will not let you hotkey the feather.
        • Nuadha will constantly be in Flight and use Spear of Light, Fury of Light and Teleportation, and will occasionally land to attempt a Smash.
          • When he goes down to ground level, he will never use a Normal Attack, but always a Smash. Simply hit him to avoid the attack. Afterward, he will go back to flying and use his Light spells.
        • It will take a while before Nuadha uses his sword, so avoiding his attacks is the top priority at this time.
        • Play Dead will never work on Nuadha; he is constantly on the offensive.
        • Successful use of Morrighan's Feather will trigger a cutscene, marking completion of phase 1.
      2. Defeat the 3 Daols.
        • You will be using Awakening of Light for the remainder of the quest without time limit. If you revive at any point during this part, Awakening of Light will automatically be reactivated.
        • You will also acquire the Wings of Eclipse and Wings of Rage skills from Morrighan. Wings of Rage does not lose EXP, however Wings of Eclipse will lose EXP and may rank down.
          • Neamhain's powers of Spear of Light and Fury of Light are disabled.
          • Cichol's Shadow Spirit skill remains available. If your Shadow Spirit count is empty at this point, a message saying "A dark power fills your spirit" will appear and the shadow count will be replenished.
        • Three Daols will spawn to assist Nuadha.
          • The Daols can be defeated by cutting away at their protection using Shadow Spirit or Brionac.
            • AOE summons bypass their protection so you may apply a hit and run strategy.
            • There is currently a glitch that causes Shadow Spirit and Brionac to not properly reduce the monster's defensive stats. The only way to deal sufficient damage to the Daols is to use Shadow Spirit, which ignores their defensive stats.
        • Though you begin this stage outside the mob's normal detection range, Nuadha will immediately detect you and commencing walking slowly towards you. However, if you can break his aggro before he gets too close, he will not re-detect you provided you keep your distance.
          • Elves may do this by using Hide.
          • Other races can summon a pet, have it attack Nuadha and then desummon it. Usually Nuadha will then walk the small distance to where the pet vanished and stop. Occasionally you may need to repeat the process with another pet.
          • If you manage to make Nuadha stop very close to the center of the circle, it is possible to run around the outside of the circle without him detecting you again. This makes it easier to deal with the Daols.
        • In this stage, Nuadha will not fly. When he detects you he will walk towards you for a normal attack, will sometimes run at you and Smash, and only rarely attacks with Spear of Light.
        • Because you are in Demigod mode throughout the rest of the mission, your Mana regeneration will be amplified.
          • It is suggested to use Mana Shield and Mana Potions if needed throughout the rest of the mission.
        • When all 3 Daols are defeated, a cutscene triggers, marking completion of phase 2.
      3. Defeat Nuadha.
        • Morrighan will arrive to aid you in battle. If she dies, the mission fails.
        • In this phase, Nuadha loses his invincibility, but will often fly. When he is in flight, attacks only do 1 damage to him. Using Wings of Rage has chance of knocking him down. Simultaneous use of Wings of Rage with Morrighan will almost always knock him back down.
          • Do not use Windmill. Due to the nature of Windmill resetting the AI, it tends to make Nuadha use Flight.
        • Wings of Rage will only do 1 damage to Nuadha, despite its inherit ability to ignore the opponent's defensive stats.
        • In this stage, Nuadha can run with Fury of Light and will sometimes pound the ground to produce a shockwave. He will no longer use Smash.
        • Defeating Nuadha will trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, you will be warped back to central Falias.
      4. Destroy any stonehenge.
        • One of the several stonehenges needs to be destroyed. This triggers another cutscene that marks the end of Generation 12.
          • It is not necessary to engage any Aonbharrs, if any are still alive.
  2. Complete the quest (38,000 EXP) and The Ark of Falias will disappear.

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