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For the transformations obtained from this generation, see Paladin, Beast, and Falcon.
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G2 Title.png
Milletian... Please remember the path you will be taking from here on out... The path of becoming a holy knight shrouded by light... A guardian of Erinn...



Chapter 1 2 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 2, you must have completed Generation 1 or talked to Duncan about storyline change when your cumulative level is 100.
  • All Generation 2 Dungeons can only be done solo.

Generation 2: Paladin revolves around the Milletian trying to find the true path of the Paladin (if Human), Falcon (if Elf), or Beast (if Giant) in order to overcome the Dark Knights, where Morrighan guides them around Uladh in order to accomplish their goals while stopping another evil. The adventure brings forth a new town, Emain Macha, and an island, Ceo Island.

Changes in Generation 2 Due to Updates

NPCs involved in Paladin

Knight of Light

ArmorShot2.PNG Name Knight of Light NPC Craig

  1. A cutscene will occur shortly after completing Generation 1.
  2. Talk to Craig located at Emain Macha's Paladin Training Ground. You will receive the Paladin Keyword.
  3. Talk to Rian located inside Emain Macha's Castle's Lobby. Esras will interrupt the conversation and give you The Lord's Invitation.
  4. Talk to Craig. He will take The Lord's Invitation in exchange for the Dungeon Pass Keyword, a Barri Dungeon Pass for Paladin-in-Training, and a Red Wing of the Goddess that transports to Barri Dungeon.
  5. Manually complete the quest for 6800 EXP.

Paladin Training Courses

Letter Recommendation.png Name Paladin Training Courses NPC Craig

All dungeon passes you receive from Craig during the course of this quest are solo passes. You must be able to clear the dungeon on your own. Using a pet will help tip the odds in your favor. You may also want to stock up on potions, as well as have decent combat skills.


  1. Drop the Barri Dungeon Pass for Paladin-in-Training on Barri Dungeon's Altar.
    • Warning: If you are re-doing this Generation, do not Transform before entering. Entering while transformed will cause the dungeon change to Barri Normal.
    • It is three short floors and contains spawn is identical to Barri Normal. The Boss consists of 10 Kobold Miners.
    • Kobold Miners are extremely weak. A single Smash, Magnum Shot, or fully charged Firebolt can take them down with ease.
    • If you fail to complete the dungeon, talk to Craig with the "Dungeon Pass" keyword to receive another pass.
    • You will fail if you leave the dungeon any way other than the Goddess Statue.
    • Since Barri Dungeon is so far away, it is advised to pick up a Wings of a Goddess while in Emain Macha. You can buy them at Galvin. Then use the Red Wings of Goddess to Barri and drop the Pass. After clearing the dungeon, exit back to the lobby. Without exiting the Barri Dungeon lobby, use the normal Wings of Goddess, which should still have the destination set to Emain Macha.
  2. Talk to Craig. He will give you a Math Dungeon Pass For Paladin-In-Training and a Red Wing of the Goddess that transports to Math Dungeon.
  3. Drop the pass on Math Dungeon's Altar.
    • Warning: If you are re-doing this Generation, do not Transform before entering. Entering while transformed will cause the dungeon change to Math Normal.
    • If you fail to complete the dungeon, talk to Craig with the "Dungeon Pass" keyword to receive another pass.
    • This dungeon is approximately one fourth the original Math, with the same spawn. Occasionally, you may run into Mini Skeletons.
    • After several rooms, a cutscene will occur. In a small locked room, you must fight Triona, then Ruairi.
      • You will be allied with 4 Paladins-in-training during the fight.
        • Beware that their Splash Damage can hit you.
      • Triona has about 100-150 HP and does not attack you. Defeat her, or let the Paladins-in-training do it, to initiate the next cutscene and the battle with Ruairi.
      • Ruairi, on the other hand, has extremely high Protection, Wound rate, Damage, and HP. You can not damage Ruairi. Let him defeat the Paladins In-Training to initiate the cutscene that ends the dungeon.
  4. Manually complete the quest and receive 13000 EXP, 10 HP 30 Potions, and 5 Stamina 30 Potions.

Lugh, the Knight of Light

Lugh's Ghost.png

Dark Lord Vs Paladin.png Price's Note.png

Name Lugh, the Knight of Light NPC Nele

Price is a traveling merchant that moves all over Uladh, making him hard to find. Every in-game day at midnight (12:00AM or 0:00), Price moves to different location. This is 36 minutes in real time. Use Mabinogi World's Price timer located on the right side toolbar for Price's current location. The time is displayed in 24 Hour format. Be sure that your "Date and Time Settings" on your computer is correct, as the times displayed will be adjusted to match your Timezone.


  1. Talk to Nele located at Emain Macha Square.
  2. Talk to Price. You will receive the Redire's Demise Keyword and a cutscene will follow after.
    • Price appears all over Uladh, and is rather difficult to find.
  3. Talk to Craig. You will receive the Paladin and Dark Knight Keyword.
  4. Talk to Price. You will receive Price's Memo.
  5. Manually complete the quest to receive 33000 EXP, 10 HP 30 Potion, and 5 Stamina 30 Potion.

Deliver the letter to Aeira.


Price's Memo.png

Name Deliver the letter to Aeira. NPC Aeira

  1. Talk to Aeira located at Dunbarton's Bookstore. She will take Price's Memo from you.
  2. Manually complete the quest to receive 5000 EXP and the book Food for the soul for true good deeds.
    • The book cannot be burnt, dropped, or destroyed. Talk to Aeira to return it to her after you have read it.

Good Deeds

Osla Flowers.PNG Name Good Deeds NPC Delen

If you kept the book, Food for the soul for true good deeds, from the previous quest, you may return it to Aeria, as there is no other way to get rid of the book.


  1. (Optional) Read the book to receive the Good Deeds Keyword.
  2. Talk to Delen located at Emain Macha's Square. She will modify the keyword's description.
  3. Talk to Galvin located at Emain Macha's Observatory.
  4. Talk to Delen.
  5. Talk to Aodhan located in front of Emain Macha's Castle.
  6. Talk to Aranwen located at Dunbarton's School.
    • Bug Notice: Do not complete the quest while speaking to her as a cutscene will occur, robbing you from knowing what she will say and the ability to move without first continent warping, or changing channels.
  7. Manually complete the quest to receive 15000 EXP. A cutscene will occur.

Blessing of the Spirit

Aer.png Name Blessing of the Spirit NPC Tarlach

  1. Talk to Tarlach located at the northernmost point Sidhe Sneachta. You will receive the keyword Aer, the Spirit of Water.
    • Tarlach only appears at night (6:00PM to 6:00AM or 18:00 to 6:00) in-game, otherwise he will be in his Bear form.
  2. Talk to Aer located at Ceo Island. You will receive the Ideal Look Keyword.
    • The only way to reach Ceo Island is through Moon Gates.
    • Aer is located in a subterranean area; after crossing the narrow pathway to the northeast, there is a staircase. Follow it and the preceding corridor to reach Aer.
  3. Manually complete the quest to receive 9500 EXP.

Finding the Ideal Types

Note.png Name Finding the Ideal Types NPC Aer

Use the Moon Gates to quickly traverse Uladh.


  1. Wait for the quest to arrive.
  2. Acquire one Ideal Note from Tir Chonaill, Dunbarton, Bangor, and Emain Macha.
    • Can be done in any order.
    • To acquire an Ideal Note, one must talk to a NPCs with the Ideal Look Keyword, then match the NPC's ideal with another player and/or NPC. See Ideal Types for more information.
    • Tip: Input "Nora" for Malcolm or "Dilys" for Trefor for Tir Chonaill, input "Tarlach" for Kristell for Dunbarton, input "Ibbie" for Sion or any nearby female player for Bryce for Bangor, and input "Delen" for Galvin for Emain Macha.
  3. Manually complete the quest to receive 35000 EXP.

Finding Ideal Types

Nelle Score.png Name Finding Ideal Types NPC Aer

  1. Talk to Aer. A cutscene will occur.
  2. Talk to Aer again. You will receive Aer's Letter.
  3. Manually complete the quest to receive 9800 EXP.

Mythril Armor

Aer Letter.png
Goibne's Blacksmith Manual for Mythril Armor.png
Mythril Armor with the Spirit's Blessing.pngGlowing Stone Gargoyle Statue.pngGeneration 2 Ciar Entrance.png
Name Mythril Armor (Human)
Power of the Ancient Elves (Elf)
Power of the Ancient Giants (Giant)
NPC Edern (Human)
Taunes (Giant)

For Humans: The Mythril Mine contains an Ogre Warrior as the boss. Take all necessary measures (such as healing, mending, looking over skills, and/or lag issues) before confronting the Ogre Warrior.
For Elves and Giants: There is a chance that the boss will either spawn unresponsive or become unresponsive during the Heavy Stander part of the boss.
For All Races: You will be running a two-floor Ciar Dungeon while role-playing as an animal. This is will be a little different than role-playing as humanoid characters.


  1. Wait for the quest to arrive
  2. Talk to Edern located at Bangor's Blacksmith Shop. You will receive the Mythril Mine Keyword and exchange Aer's Letter for a Mythril Mine Pass.
  3. Drop the Mythril Mine Pass on Barri Dungeon's Altar.
  4. Talk to Edern. He will take Goibne's Blacksmith Manual for Mythril Armor in exchange for the Mythril Armor Keyword.
  5. Talk to Aer. Players will receive the Mythril Armor with the Spirit's Blessing, a Red Wing of the Goddess that transports to Ciar Dungeon, and the Power of the Spirits' Blessings Keyword.
  6. Drop the armor on Ciar Dungeon's Altar.
    • You will RP as a White Wolf.
    • The dungeon is 2 floors, each floor containing 7 rooms and has Gray Town Rats, Gray Wolves, Gray Dire Wolves, Black Wolves, White Wolves, Red Bears, Jackals, Brown Bears, and Brown Grizzly Bears.
    • There is a small amount of AP available. Smash (if used frequently) and Combat Mastery can be ranked up after the first few rooms. Attacking an enemy while it's using Counterattack will allow you to rank your own Counterattack from Novice to rank F.
    • The boss is a Giant White Wolf.
      • When the boss starts talking (e.g. "I am powerful.", "You'll need to break my concentration. It may be in a blink of an eye, but that's your only chance."), it will activate Level 3 Heavy Stander; all attacks will only do one damage. In order to deactivate its Heavy Stander, players must successfully use Counterattack against it. After being countered, the boss will then say something (e.g. "..My power is distracted...") and will not do anything for a while, giving an opening. Repeat the above steps until it is defeated.
      • After defeating the boss, the RP will end and players will receive the Origin of Power Keyword.
  7. Manually complete the quest to receive 110,000 EXP.

The Secret Letter Box

Esras Letters.png Name Esras' Letter Box NPC Price

Take advantage of the Price Timer (Located on the right side) to find Price's location and Moon Gates to quickly meet up with Price.


  1. Talk to Price. He will give you Letter Box from Redire.
  2. Talk to Lassar located inside Tir Chonaill's Magic School. She will exchange the Letter Box for Esras' Letters.
  3. Talk to Price. He will take Esras' Letters.
  4. Talk to Dilys located inside Tir Chonaill's Healer's House.
  5. Talk to Kristell located at Dunbarton's Church.
  6. Manually complete the quest to receive 25000 EXP.

Esras's Plot

Brown Pass.png Name Esras's Plot NPC Seumas

Due to the length of the dungeon, you may want to stock up on items, such as Potions, Bandages, and Phoenix Feathers for reviving Pets.
The first final boss is Tabhartas, who fights similarly to Golems. Although you will have a buff in stats, discretion is still advised, even after defeating Tabhartas.
The second final boss, Esras has a similar AI to Succubi, but she is capable of summoning Dark Skeletons and can replace any if necessary.


  1. Talk to Seumas located at the Dragon's Ruin in Gairech Hill.
  2. Talk to Price.
  3. Talk to James located at Emain Macha's Church.
  4. Head to Emain Macha's Castle's Lobby. A cutscene will play and you will be transported to Barri Dungeon with the Barri Dungeon Pass in your Special Inventory.
    • If you need another pass, go back to the Lobby. The scene will replay and you will have another pass.
  5. Drop the Barri Dungeon Pass on Barri Dungeon's Altar.
    • This is the final dungeon. Please prepare yourself accordingly before entering.
    • Can only be done solo.
    • The dungeon consists of 4 floors. Monsters include: Great Mimic, King Mimic, Sickle Laghodessa, Brown, Gray, and Green Gremlins, Flying Sword, Gorgon (Mini boss, spawns on the second floor, last room).
    • Defeat Tabhartas, then Esras, in the boss room.
      • Wait until Tabhartas defeats Redire. After the cutscene plays, you will receive Spirit of Order (if Human), Fury of Connous (if Elf), or Daemon of Physis (if Giant), all at Rank F, and automatically be transformed into a Paladin/Falcon/Beast.
        • Dark Knight Humans replaying Generation 2 will temporarily revert to Paladin of equal rank until they defeat Tabhartas.
        • If you leave the dungeon without defeating Tabhartas/Esras, the race specific transformation skills will be unusable and unrankable.
        • This transformation lasts as long as it normally would, and can only be used once daily.
        • Certain Paladin pets will transform in tandem with its master.
      • After acquiring the transformation, defeat Tabhartas.
        • Tabhartas is a Golem with a wide Stomp range, 100% Injury rate and moves slightly faster than the average Golem.
        • Unlike an average Golem, Tabhartas' Passive Defenses are slightly different, in which it only has Level 1 Heavy Stander, although it has a fixed Auto Defend rate of 10%. This makes using Magic, Ranged and Alchemy skills ideal.
      • Once Tabhartas is defeated, a cutscene will play.
        • Transformation will wear out regardless of its duration.
      • Once the cutscene is over, defeat Esras.
  6. Once both bosses are defeated, the player will be transported to to Emain Macha (outside the Cathedral). Humans will receive Power of Order, Eye of Order, Sword of Order, Paladin Heavy Stander, Paladin Mana Deflector and Paladin Natural Shield. Elves will receive Elven Magic Missile, Armor of Connous, Mind of Connous, Sharpness of Connous, Connous Heavy Stander, Connous Mana Deflector and Connous Natural Shield. Giants will receive Giant Full Swing, Shield of Physis, Spell of Physis, Life of Physis, Physis Heavy Stander, Physis Mana Deflector and Physis Natural Shield. All skills are at Rank F.
  7. Manually complete the quest to receive 215000 EXP.

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