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The Inventory Window is where all of the Items your character is carrying are displayed. It is split into four parts: Equipment, Items, Ducats, and Gold. You can open the Inventory Window by clicking the Inventory button on the Interface, or by pressing 'I' on you keyboard.


There are two tabs for your Equipment. One is labeled "Gear" while the other is labeled "Decorative." There is also the Falias Treasure slots to the left of your ordinary equipment which you must unlock.


This is where you will equip your primary equipment. It consists of two Accessory slots, one Clothing/Armor slot, one Gloves slot, one Headgear slot, one Robe slot, one Shoes slot, and two Weapon Slots (one for each hand). The two Weapon Slots are called a Weapon Set. You can switch Weapon sets by pressing 'Tab' on the keyboard. Anything you equip in this slot will take into effect. This includes any Reforges, Upgrades, Enchants, Passive Defenses, and Equipment Combination Effects.


The Style Tab, previously known as the Decorative Tab or Fashion Slot, it is where you equip items that will "mask" your current equipment in the Gear Tab. It consists of one Clothing/Armor slot, one Gloves slot, one Headgear slot, one Robe slot, one Tails slot, and one Shoes slot. Anything you equip here will not take into effect, as thus it will not lose Durability over time, but also does not gain Proficiency over time as well. Everything equipped here is treated as if it was sitting in your inventory, although rebirthing a character will forcibly unequip the equipment in the style slots.

In order to use these slots and the tab itself, it must be purchased for 12 Pons; clicking on the tab brings up a prompt asking if one wishes to make the purchase and unlock the tab for 30 days. Alternatively, you may purchase VIP Service which unlocks the tab for its duration. The duration can be checked by hovering the cursor over the Style Tab. When your Style Tab expires, equipped items may be removed. However, should you re-log after the slot expires, the equipment in the slot will no longer show.

Warning: Unless the items are enchanted or have high proficiency (clothing only), there will not be a confirmation window should a player accidentally feed an item equipped in the decoration slots to their Spirit Weapon.

Falias Treasures

Once one completes the Generation 12 quest chain, one's inventory will have an additional four slots to the left of the Equipment section that can be used to wear Falias Treasures. However, only the first will be unlocked. The second can be unlocked by using Falias Dew, the third can be unlocked by using Falias Rain Drop, and the fourth can be unlocked by using Falias Storm. The slots do not have to be unlocked chronologically and may be done so in any order.


The Basic Tab, previously known as the General Tab, displays the unequipped items you have in your Inventory. The items are placed in a grid six blocks wide and ten blocks tall, for a total of sixty inventory blocks.

Holding Ctrl and then clicking any item in the Inventory will "use" the item provided it has the option. Holding Shift and then clicking on a stack of items will bring up the divide option.

The magnet button automatically stacks similar items together in the inventory. This does not work on items in the temporary inventory.


The Gold Counter displays the total amount of gold in your Character's Inventory. Both stacks and bags of gold will be counted.

Gold in the VIP tab is not counted towards the total.


The Ducat Counter displays the total amount of ducats the player currently has. Ducats have no item form, they only appear in the form of text.


The Me tab, previously known as the Special Tab, is a separate inventory space used to store Quest Items, Spirit Weapons, and personalized equipment. Nothing else can be stored in this tab. Like the Item Tab, it is six blocks wide and ten blocks tall, for a total of sixty inventory blocks. This tab is available to all players, regardless of Premium Service status.


The VIP Tab is a Premium Service Tab that acts as a secondary Item Tab. It requires the Updated Premium Service or VIP Service to be active in order to use. Bags may not be stored within the VIP Tab.

Once VIP service expires and the VIP tab becomes locked, items on the VIP tab cannot be used directly, though (as of Generation 19) they can be extracted from the tab. However, from a locked tab, crafting materials can still be used indirectly using "Add Materials" in the crafting window, coupons like Advancement Test Discount Coupon and Ferghus Free Repair Coupon can still be spent, skill bar buttons and hotkeys assigned to usable items like recovery potions can still use them, and clothes on the tab can be placed in the Dressing Room.

Temporary Inventory

If one lacks adequate space for additional items received (given from an NPC, Quest Scroll, Rebirthing, fishing, or a refusal from trade), the item(s) will be placed in a Temporary Inventory. One must make adequate room for the additional item(s) otherwise they will drop to the ground after five minutes (real time). If the player logs out in some way, the timer will pause until they log back in. The temporary inventory can hold up to 20 items, but items that cannot be dropped do not count toward this. In addition, there are some quests that cannot be completed until the Temporary Inventory is cleared out.

Inventory Bag Tag

A function that automatically sorts selected types of item into the selected Item Bag when picked up.

Item Shop Inventory

When purchasing items from the Web Shop, they go into the Item Shop Inventory and be transferred to the regular inventory (if applicable) at the user's discretion. There seems to be no limit to how much items this inventory can store. Once removed from the Item Shop Inventory, the item cannot be put back.

To access this inventory, press the Shop button.