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It's a 'paper airplane' that flies.

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Future content.png As of September 10th, 2015, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
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It's a 'paper airplane' that flies.[1]
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Paper airplane that makes you dream

Obtain From Glutton Monkey, Aeira
Tradability Untradable
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All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
- I Am a Paper Plane -


I am a paper plane.

My body is made of common paper from the General Shop. It's not smooth or shiny or flecked with bright colors, but I'm well-made and I never have to worry about polishing my wings or steering clear of rainclouds. My body is easily crinkled by violent wind and my tiny wings soak up humidity until they can barely lift me, but I dry quickly and my paper is easy to replace.

Some of my friends are made of gorgeous paper that glows in the sunlight or shifts from red to purple to blue as they fly by on the breeze. I often wonder how wealthy their masters must be to afford such fine paper for simple paper planes, but I never envy them. My owner, who is still young, couldn't afford to make me out of fine paper, so he made me with the utmost care instead. I wouldn't trade that for the finest paper in Erinn.

There are countless abandoned paper planes in this world. Some fly into a river or deep forest. Some simply fly too far and crumble to pieces. Some are even abandoned intentionally after a single flight. My master is not some cold-hearted creature who would abandon a friend so easily. Perhaps it is because he is not as big as some of the other masters that he is so different. He used to sit in the park and launch me high into the air, laughing as I roamed the open sky. From lofty heights, I could see a field at the edge of town where wolves gathered. I knew that the skies were the key to safety. One day, my master threw me higher than ever before and I drifted far into the distance. As I began to descend, I noticed the field directly ahead. There were no wolves in sight, but I knew they would discover my scent when I landed.

I rested there in the grass, waiting for the sound of padded feet and the gnash of sharp teeth. I wished the rain would come and end me quickly, or a violent wind would carry me far away, or a bird would snatch me up and make a nest out of me. Anything but the wolves. But as I looked up at the sky where I had roamed only moments ago, I knew that I would not be so fortunate. I missed the sound of my master's laughter, his kind eyes, the rush of exhilaration as he launched me into the air. Suddenly, a long shadow fell across my wings. I braced for an attack and tried not to listen for clicking teeth. I felt something clamp down around my fuselage and I knew I was doomed as I was lifted into the air. Then, I heard a familiar voice.

"I found you!"

My master clutched me in his small hands and raised me up to inspect me. He'd come to this faraway field and put his own life in danger just to find me. Since then, I have been confident that my master would do anything for me.

With him watching, I will never be abandoned.

Why did my master make me? Since I am not one of master's kind I cannot say for sure, but I see a great longing in his eyes as he looks to the skies. All masters have dreams, and taking to the skies is as worthy a dream as any. A white rag of cloud, a warm ray stretching from Palala to brighten the air, the fluttering wings of a bird that glides high above; what living thing could resist the sky's allure? Perhaps their admiration of the sky is tied to their need to explore. Masters are always going new places and trying new things, but they have yet to conquer the skies. They view the sky as a challenge. It is a place that they can never reach with those stubby arms, so they use us to experiment and devise plans.

As much as I love the sky, I am a bit envious of my master sometimes. While I can navigate the skies, I am unable to move without my master's help. At least my master is free to explore the world as he wishes.

For now, masters are bound to the Earth and we are bound to the sky. It is my duty to make my master happy by spreading my wings and flying high above, and it is my master's duty to keep propelling me forward to explore new things. Whether my master is ever able to fly on his own or not, I will carry his dreams into the sky on my paper wings. I want to give my master a big smile by flying higher and farther than any paper plane has ever flown.