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Lappa Village

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Lappa Village

Lappa Village is home to the Hobgoblins. It is near Erkey Falls and the Dragon Crest Mark. The only way to reach it is to raft or fly via flying pet or Hot Air Balloons.

There is a collapsed Mana Tunnel here, so unlike regular Mana Tunnels, it is not a location that can be saved onto your Mana Tunnel map or returned to from other Mana Tunnels. In effect, its sole purpose is so you can leave Lappa Village. To return quickly, there is a fully functional Mana Tunnel Southwest of the Dragon Mark as well as one to the East by the rafting dock. Additionally, for easy return in case of death, the Dragon Mark can be used as a waypoint for the "Revive at Last Known Location" death menu selection.

This area has a wealth of Hobgoblins, and is commonly used for gaining the Mana Shield and Charge skills.