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Larry's Swimming with the Fishes Event

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May 12th,2016 - June 5th, 2016


"I've heard you're the person to talk to when a guy needs a helping hand. Spare a minute to hear my story? I'll be waiting at the Dunbarton Town Square" - Larry

Due to an unfortunate incident with a bird, the clothes that Larry made for all the Milletians that have teamed up to fight the Mafia have fallen into the water! Larry needs your help to catch the special clothes using a special bait that he prepared as a safety countermeasure against the forces of evil! Who knows, you might even find some new items while fishing!


  • Upon logging in, you will receive a quest for the event.
  • Speak to Larry, who can be found east of Dunbarton square.
  • You will receive a quest to collect dropped packages via fishing.
  • Special bait feeders for the event, as well as fishing rods, can be purchased from Larry.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, Extra Special Bait Feeders are available for purchase from Larry.
    • The Extra Special Bait Feeders will appear in the shop after the next in-game day starts at 12 AM.

Prizes from Larry's Gift Box

Homestead Decorations

Larry's Special Bait Feeder - Fishable Items List

Candy Bait.png A special bait feeder that can fish up packages dropped by the poor owl. It's equipped with Larry's special doohickeys.




  • Robe (0/15 Durability)

Musical Instruments:

Weapons and Tools:



Larry's Extra Special Bait Feeder - Fishable Items List



Clothing: (0 Durability)

Musical Instruments: (0 Durability)

Weapons and Tools: (0 Durability)