MP 10 Potion

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A potion for quick MP recovery. Unable for use when knocked down or in the process of being knocked down. Excessive use may result in medicinal poisoning.

Icon of MP 10 Potion
Size: 1 x 1
Stack: 20
General Information
Name MP 10 Potion Resell Value 7 G
Sold By Comgan / Dilys / Manus / Agnes / Heulfryn / Atrata / Kirine / Kousai / Royal Guard Physician / Nessa / Muro / Goro / Morc / Beirnes (150g)
Obtained By
Consumable Yes Toxicity 0.2
Effect Restores 10 Mana.
Potion Making Information
This potion cannot be created with Potion Making.

Monster Drops