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Martial Arts Talent Booster

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Inventory icon of Martial Arts Talent Booster

2 × 2

This booster set is designed to help you boost your Martial Arts Talent. Use this to get 5 Free Repair Kits (Blacksmith, Engineer, Alchemist), 10 Remote Blacksmith Coupons, 20 Jelly Beans of Strength, 5 Full Recovery Potions, 7 Double Ninja Skill EXP Potions (1 Day), 7 Double Martial Arts Skill EXP Potions (1 Day), 10 Combat 2x EXP Potions (2 hrs.), and 1 Squirrel Doll Bag.

Basic Information

When used, the player will be given the following:

Methods to Obtain

  • Purchased from the Item Shop for 5,000 NX.
  • Only able to be purchased once per account.