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Ore Fragments

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Ore Fragments can be gathered by equipping a Metallurgy Sieve and using metallurgy at either the beach north of Cor, Port Qilla, the beach at southern Muyu Desert, Rano Beach south of Karu Forest, southern Connous beach, northern Connous beach or Erkey Falls. They can also be gathered by equipping a Mining Drill and using Rare Mineralogy in Hillwen Mine.

Ore fragments obtained by using metallurgy can be used like ores, 5 types of the same fragment can be refined to make an ingot of the same type. You cannot mix ores and ore fragments.

Ore fragments obtained in Hillwen Mine can be used to produce items using Hillwen Engineering and Potion Making.

Unknown Ore Fragments can be used in Synthesis and Metal Conversion.

Types of Ore Fragments

When either skill fails, an Unknown Ore Fragment will be dropped.

Found using metallurgy

Found using Rare Mineralogy