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Petite Potato

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Inventory icon of Petite Potato

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An ingredient required for cooking festival dishes. A little tough, but smaller than a normal potato. Take this to Caravan Joe in Dunbarton.

General Information

  • Unlike regular Potatoes, Petite Potatoes do not stack. Each one takes up a separate inventory slot.
  • Gathering a Petite Potato does not count toward "Dig up Potatoes" practice goals for the Hoeing skill.
  • Can be put in a Chef's Bag.
  • Spare Petite Potatoes will disappear from your inventory when you reacquire the Prepare the Festival Table quest.


Cannot be dropped, traded, mailed, placed in pets or in bank.

Methods to Obtain

Sometimes gathered instead of normal potatoes using a Weeding Hoe on potato patches during the Harvest Festival Event.

  • There is a chance one will drop along with a potato.

Used In

Prepare the Festival Table Quest during the Harvest Festival Event.