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Pink Bean Chair

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Close-up of the table top of the chair, featuring a yo-yo, fan, toy truck, and a drink.


Pink Bean Chair.png Pink Bean Chair Front.png Pink Bean Chair Side.png Pink Bean Chair Back.png
2 x 2 Front Side Back

Do you meet the Pink Bean's approval? If he lets you sit in this chair, you must!


  • It has 10 durability, which decreases slightly each time it's sat in.
    • Loses 0.1 durability per use.
  • To sit in it, right-click and choose "Use" or hold CTRL and click the chair.
    • Requires at least Rank Novice Rest to use.
  • Cannot be blessed.

Repair Costs

Repairs can be done by NPCs able to make Miscellaneous Repairs.

Success Rate Cost​
92%  ?g

Methods to Obtain