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Poison Bottle

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For poison created by Potion Making, see Poison Potion.

Bottle of snake poison. Apply the poison to your weapon, such as to your sword, blunt weapon, wand or arrow etc., and attack your enemy and poison your enemy at a fixed probability. However, since the weapon must touch the enemy's body, you cannot use this when using a magic attack with your wand.

Icon of Poison Bottle
Size: 1 x 2
Stack: 1
General Information
Name Poison Bottle Resell Value 173 G
Sold By This item is not sold by any store vendors.
Obtained By

Use an Empty Bottle to gather poison from a Pet Coral Cobra or Desert Cobra.

Consumable Yes Toxicity 0
Effect Temporarily applies poison effect to weapon.
Potion Making Information
This potion cannot be created with Potion Making.

General Information

Poison Lathering.png