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Port Ceann

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Port Ceann

Port that serves as a continental intermediary connecting Uladh and Iria.

Boarding the ship with a boarding pass purchased in Uladh allows you to travel to Iria.[1]

Port Ceann is a bay on the southeastern fringe of Uladh continent. Initially abandoned by merchants long ago, it was re-established to function as a harbor for vessels since the discovery of Iria. The long, crystalline shoreline is a popular attraction for fishing.

The events Wish Upon a Shooting Star (2009), Summer Beach Day Event (2010), and Fishing Event (2010) took place in Port Ceann.

As of the Generation 15, Season 1 Update, players are no longer be able to board the ship. Port Cobh has become the central hub for all ships traveling to and from Uladh.


A map of Port Ceann

Fish Available

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Sailor Trainee Harbor