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Sos button.png You can ask other people for help once a day.

General Info

Inventory icon of SOS Return Coupon

1 × 1

  • SOS allows the player to call for help from a higher-leveled person.
  • It is only available to players under cumulative level of 30.
  • The icon is next to the skill hotkey bar, where the "layer" button is.
  • It will give a random player with a total level of over 100 a quest and a Help Request Note. If the said player uses the note, he/she will be transported to the newbie's location, allowing the newbie to request the higher-leveled person for aid. The assisting player will then receive a Return Coupon to warp back to their original location, similar to a Housing Flyer.
  • An SOS can only be deployed once per in-game day, resetting at 12:00 AM in-game time. This is only if the request is accepted; if the request is ignored, the user will have to wait until the request is either accepted or rejected. If rejected, the newbie will be able to use the SOS feature again.
  • The SOS feature is not available in: