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Sun Prophet Colt

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Equipped Sun Prophet Colt Sheathed Sun Prophet Colt
Equipped Sheathed

The Treasure Hunter restored this enchanted revolver using the latest Hillwen technology and ancient magic. He spent many years searching for a single shard of the ancient sun fragment that would resonate with the weapon's unique construction, but when it was found, the weapon took on a whole new life. Though its long years of use have reduced its financial value, the Treasure Hunter often spoke of this gun as his favorite relic, calling it 'history's greatest masterpiece, now and forever.'

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Sun Prophet Colt
2 × 2
Fast 5 Hit Weapon
Range: 800
Base Stats Limitations
Damage 3~40 Injury 5%~50% Human Spirit Engineer
90% = 387 G
92% = 1,032 G
98% = 7,358 G
Balance 45% Critical 20% Elf Enchant
Stun Unknown
5/1 Giant Reforge
Durability 15
NPC Value
4,000 G
S. Radius
S. Angle
S. Damage
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Enchant Types
/ Two-handed Weapon / L-Rod / Dual Gun / Metal / 
Other Information
  • Allows the use of the L-Rod Exploration action.
  • Requires mana bullets to fire.
  • This item may receive randomized stat bonuses, which are compounded to its base stats (except those received through NPCs/gachapons):
    • Additional Minimum Attack: 0~10
    • Additional Maximum Attack: 0~30
    • Additional Critical %: 0~15
    • Additional Balance: 0~10
    • Additional Max Durability: 0~10
Obtained From
Sold By
  • None

Dye Details

Items can be dyed using Dye Ampoules. The colors available depend on the palette of the part to be dyed.

  Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part The overall gun The handle and ribbon attached to the top of the tassel The tassel and band on the handle
Palette Used Armor Metal Leather Cloth

Hillwen Engineering Details

Name Skill Rank Production Exp Materials Needed
Sun Prophet Colt
2 100,000 Suntouched Stone × 1
Energy Converter × 2
Energy Amplifier × 1
Emerald Fuse × 1


Upgrade Name Proficiency Upgrade Details UG # Cost NPC
Add Rifling 1 20 Maximum Damage +1 0~3 15,000 Hector
Interim Engineer
Add Rifling 2 30 Maximum Damage +2
Critical -1
1~3 20,000
Add Rifling 3 35 Maximum Damage +3
Critical -2
2~3 30,000
Add Rifling 4 40 Maximum Damage +5
Critical -3
3~3 32,000
Artisan Upgrade 100 Will +5~60
Luck +6~30
4~4 24,000
  1. There is a chance for any of these stat rolls to not be applied, resulting in no additional points for the respective stat.

Gem Upgrades

Upgrade Name Proficiency Upgrade Details UG # Cost Gems NPC
Sun Road Colt Gem Repair 1 100 Max Ammo Reserve Increase +5 0~0 15,000 Spinel 1.0cm+
Diamond 2.0cm+
Star Sapphire 3.0cm+
Interim Engineer

Upgrade Sequences