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Tail List? 511:38, 26 December 2016
Sand Burst Reforge and Skill Page inaccuracy?019:53, 15 November 2016
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Does no Wikian Have a Mir Yet?901:42, 8 September 2016
Can I have help making a page for Succubus Fiend, I clearly don't understand what im doing206:56, 16 August 2016
Anything in my inv isn't responding015:54, 11 August 2016
Totem's question ?203:05, 10 May 2016
forumz r ded lol1217:41, 3 February 2016
Weapon Previews311:34, 29 January 2016
Category Updates1319:57, 19 December 2015
Equipment pages, upgrades and pages related to them.007:18, 15 December 2015
Small thing about Celtic Tribolt Wands209:17, 22 September 2015
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Although in the past we've differentiated between Orbs by adding their end date, would it not make more sense now to name each Orb with its beginning date? How likely is it that, once a current Orb ends, someone is going to go through all the items released in that Orb and change the links? I guess just for archiving purposes, it's nice to know what items came from which Orb, even if they're no longer available from the current Orb.

...Am I making sense? Or rather, does anyone care if I change the name of the current Eweca Orb to Eweca Orb (Jan. 2017)? For easier linking on the new items pages, so no one has to go back and update all of them every time the Eweca Orb is updated o.O;

Elide (talk)10:23, 23 January 2017

Tail List?

I was wondering if anyone was going to make a list of tails or start adding some in, I have a Rurutie's Tail I'd love to add except...I'm not sure what template I should use. I'm new to all this editing stuff so any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated! :D

Heona (talk)20:25, 23 December 2016

Template is kind of the issue x_X Since this is a totally new equip, with its own separate slot. I'm assuming that Rurutie's Tail and the others are still Style-Tab only?

Elide (talk)11:50, 24 December 2016

Yup, only style tab. For the clothing preview I think we only need to show the side, back and angled. I saw some tail pages that have already been made but the picture for the front isn't filled so it doesn't look professional...

Heona (talk)15:49, 24 December 2016

Yeah, it would require some editing of the ClothingPreview template, and the StyleEquip template - and since both of those templates are used very extensively, I'm a little hesitant on editing them. Maybe if we can poke some Admins back to life... >.o Or someone who has expert knowledge about templates - or, uh, more time for us to understand more, or take a longer look at it... Hm, for now maybe kind of follow what's on the Fluffy Puppy Tail page?

Elide (talk)17:19, 24 December 2016

Alright, also how do you add in that box to put gifs in? I looked all over the site but can't find the instructions on how to put it in. :x

Heona (talk)21:45, 24 December 2016

Oh! Yeah, usually best to just look at the code of a page that has it - in this case, the code is {{ActionEquip}}

If you view the Wiggling Kitsune Headband page and click Edit, you'll see that code right under == Description ==

But yeah, sometimes codes are hard to track down - You know you've seen it done somewhere but can't remember where, and which code does what isn't always very obvious. Such is the constant battle of editing xD;

Elide (talk)11:38, 26 December 2016

Sand Burst Reforge and Skill Page inaccuracy?

There's got to be a few missing details or incorrect details regarding the reforges and skill page of sand burst. Could someone take a look at them and see if they are accurate? Specifically, there is no explanation regarding "blinding an enemy for a long time" or variable blind duration. The reforge for CP is also completely useless for sand burst.

There also might be a function we don't know about; sometimes when I blind an enemy they turn purple, as if they were hit by discord.

Mrliberty9019:53, 15 November 2016

Live Template Preview

The page preview system is extremely handy, as we don't have to do trial and error publishing and flood the recent changes area. But what about template pages? They still preview as a wall of text. Wouldn't it be more convenient to be able to have a preview of said template?

Say you're working on a new monster template, but in order to test the template, you have either have to make a dummy sandbox page, or replace the existing one. Clearly both of these are somewhat flawed, as it's pretty easy to make one flop in a template then suddenly you have a wall of text instead of a nice chart for your monster.

So, when editing a template or table, the preview function should show what that template looks like in a page. That way, you can see if the table looks good and functions properly. Opinions?

Mrliberty9015:17, 7 November 2016

What sort of templates are you talking about? Actual templates (Equipment Item) or data templates (specific item data, e.g. Template:Data<Item Name>)?

Specific data templates. Such as Template:DataMonsterX

Mrliberty9013:01, 8 November 2016

Use the template inside the the data. E.g.


See Template:DataTropical_Beach_Sandals_(F) as example I just did.

Could you give me that code in data monster form?

Mrliberty9019:51, 8 November 2016

Just replace the "StyleEquip" with the template you wish you default it to. For monsters, "StyleMonster"



So I was wondering why this added preview wasn't done on data pages before. For your Tropical Beach Sandals example, the Template doesn't show up under "Reforgable Equipment", even though on the Template:DataTropical_Beach_Sandals_(F) page it's listed as one of the Categories at the bottom of the page. This is a good thing, since you don't want certain Categories flooded with Templates, but I was just wondering if perhaps that was the reason that {{{{{1|StyleEquip}}} |Name=... }} was used only for previewing your work, and then changed back to {{{{{1}}} |Name=... }} in case it added the Template to some Categories.

So basically - does keeping the "StyleEquip" in the item's Template page have any negative side effects? Just if you happen to know - thank you ^^;

Elide (talk)09:43, 9 November 2016
For your Tropical Beach Sandals example, the Template doesn't show up under "Reforgable Equipment", even though on the Template:DataTropical_Beach_Sandals_(F) page it's listed as one of the Categories at the bottom of the page.

Actually, it does, under "DataTropical...".

That being one of the reasons they weren't included from the beginning I guess.

As to other side effects, I don't know of any off the top of my head.

Oh - hey there... Well, good to know not to look under "T" for "Template" but instead under "D" for "Template:Data" - because Wiki /o/

But all right, yeah, wouldn't want to have Template:Datas clogging up the Categories xD;

Elide (talk)11:37, 10 November 2016

Does no Wikian Have a Mir Yet?

Was considering the Mir Dragon, but wanted some more information about it. :V

TNinja (talk)15:22, 31 August 2016

I could datamine and make the Mir page, but the last time I did that it took hours to get all the information in there. Is there any specific information you are looking for, like stats, skills, aging stat gains, etc.?

Hubertus (talk)16:32, 31 August 2016

Available skill and stats, I suppose. If you're mining, see if you can find out if it can learn Windmill through a rebirth too. :^)

TNinja (talk)13:07, 1 September 2016

Also, no one wrote in the news about the pet being on sale. Which was very weird.

TNinja (talk)14:09, 3 September 2016

Here's some info on the dragon for you!

Exp_Factor = "1.8" LimitTime = "150" Init_Life = "80" Init_Mana = "39" Init_Stamina = "77" Init_STR = "47" Init_INT = "32" Init_DEX = "36" Init_WILL = "40" Init_LUCK = "29" Init_Defence = "0" Init_Protect = "2"

It can learn rest, defense, smash, counter, combat mastery, crit, windmill, Healing, lightning bolt, firebolt, icebolt, "OrientalDragonSummon", Boost, RageOfDragon, and First aid.

Also, the wiki is running on quite the skeleton crew these days, so don't be surprised if some events are completely missed. If there's anything else I can figure out for you, let me know!

Hubertus (talk)15:47, 3 September 2016


TNinja (talk)10:27, 4 September 2016

Actually ther eis one more thing, since you're already into mining. I know that pet spiders and laghodessas doens't come with WIndmill natively. But can they learn it through the proccess of rebirthing from a pet who can?

I know you can do this with most bolt magic skills on pets, but it's an expensive gamble.

TNinja (talk)14:16, 7 September 2016

IIRC, even if you can learn the skill through pet rebirthing, you're not guaranteed to be able to use it.

Mining the client won't be able to tell you that, since checks are server-sided.


A difficult question. So far as I can tell, in order for a pet to be allowed to use windmil it needs to be tagged with /pet_windmill_enable/ in the race.xml file. So it is difficult to tell whether any individual pet can use it without looking up te pet first. I do know that the white flame spider and guardian spider don't have that tag. I did a quick scan, and it looks like only the pets that start with windmill can acually use it. Sorry for the bad news!

Hubertus (talk)14:53, 7 September 2016

Ah, that's terrible. The Spiked Laghodessas can use Windmill. >:V

TNinja (talk)01:42, 8 September 2016

Can I have help making a page for Succubus Fiend, I clearly don't understand what im doing

if somebody could fill in all the correct formatting for where pictures and info should go

im pretty sure what i currently have is wrong

Splatulated (talk)00:16, 16 August 2016

yea, the Succubus Fiend is a considered a monster so a Monster Template would most likely need to go in there....possibly in the Succubus Section.

Also, that format is usually for Equipment to see what they look like in-game.

This would possibly be the correct area to add info of the Succubus Queen and Fiend.

Dark10300 (talk)02:27, 16 August 2016

Specifically since a long time ago they decided we should not have individual pages for every monster (since there are often several different versions of a monster with the same name) and instead pages for each type of monster.

To add the succubus fiend you would want to copy one of the existing lines, but replace the name with succubus fiend. Like so: Template:DataMonsterSuccubus Fiend

Then after you save the page you can click the red link you just created to fill out the data template page for the Succubus Fiend, again using an existing succubus as a guide. If you're not sure of something just leave it blank. You will want to delete this page later probably because it also does not have proper capitalization.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)06:56, 16 August 2016

Anything in my inv isn't responding

My inv doesn't seem to respond to whatever i do, it wont even let me take off my equips. If i try to move something from my inv it just doesnt move. I tried relogging like 9 times and also tried restarting Mabi a few times but nothing worked. My pets' inventory is just the same. I could use some help..

EmotiChan (talk)15:54, 11 August 2016


its tradeable!!

got one from fishing on hs with the event baits

Splatulated (talk)22:41, 13 May 2016

Totem's question ?

if i stick an active totem like "Witch's Ring" into the VIP tab and that tab expires will i still keep the totem's bonuses or would i need to reactivate the VIP tab or keep them in a bag on the main inventory ?

Splatulated (talk)22:54, 9 May 2016

welp, I can answer that, as it just happened to me.

you'll need to reactivate the VIP tab or place them outside of the VIP tab to activate them again.

I had like 4 different totems in there and they all dis-activated.

Dark10300 (talk)01:59, 10 May 2016

that sucks x.x such lameness back to eating an entire bag they go

Splatulated (talk)03:05, 10 May 2016

forumz r ded lol

So it's no secret the vB is rotting away with upwards of like three users. A couple of years ago before Khenta disappeared he and I were really pushing for a forum extension on the Wiki instead, so anyone with a wiki account essentially wouldn't have an excuse to not post. saiyr was against this because all the extensions were shoddy and undermaintained, which is reasonable just unhelpful.

Well it's a new year and people are bringing stuff up to me again, and I'd like to go through with it now. WikiForum (with SocialProfile) isn't terrible. Basically what I want to do is close the vB to new posts and leave it as an archive, then just open/configure WikiForum here in a similar style. I can't say this really affects DFO-World or anything since they've never used the forums, Cq you will actually have to make a wiki account <3, but otherwise I don't think it will have any negative effect, I only see positives.

The forums would be for general discussions like upcoming stuff, event discussion, h2b pro, trades, guilds, etc. This means that we'd relegate discussion pages exclusively to discussion about the page as it matters to the wiki (formatting, factual content, and so forth).

Additionally, I understand that people want to contribute non-factual information as well and the discussion page is, well, cumbersome for simply adding opinions and tips. Therefore, I want to add commenting to relevant articles (likely not all articles) where people can add tips, tricks, suggested enchants, suggested training regimens, links to their tutorials, etc. This extension has upvoting so it even provides an amount of feedback to the poster as well as other users.

Anyways, thoughts plz. Mainly do you think you'd use these things, what would you use them for, what forums do you want to see, what pages should comments be on (or not be on), etc. Let me know!!

Kadalyn (talk)17:36, 2 February 2016

Yespls. I think these features would be well worth having. No one knows that MabiWorld has forums anyway. Commenting seems like a wonderful place for people to stick those, uh, not-exactly-fitting tidnits of info they like to make up gather.

How would it be determined which articles qualify to be commented on?

Xcelled19417:48, 2 February 2016

I dunno, that's why I'm asking! But I think definitely gear and probably enemies. Probably isn't necessary for normal enemies but at least bosses. This sort of begs the question of if we should move bosses out of family pages, though (like Gold-tailed Mongoose).

Kadalyn (talk)19:03, 2 February 2016

Would these comments be on a separate page, like the talk page, or would they be somewhere on the page like on wikia? Can people comment without registering? This all sounds good so far.

My only issue with the boss thing is, sometimes its subjective what is a boss. We could chop it down to just Dungeon, Field, and Mission Bosses, but what about normal enemies that can be interpreted as bosses like the Bandit Ogres? I could see future problems like "Is Shamala and Nightmare 'G17'?"

That being said, I think a good solution would be to make a Field Bosses, Dungeon Bosses, etc page, and list them on both (which is kinda the point in having data templates), and allow commenting on that. As for those other kinda-bosses, I'm not sure what would be a good source of action. For Bandits you could always allow commenting on the Commerce page, as well as other "systems" like that. Maybe I'm making a big deal over nothing.

Kapra - (Talk)22:40, 2 February 2016

The comments would be at the bottom of the main page. We can't allow commenting without registering though, we get far too many bots.

Boss thing, it doesn't really matter. Whatever needs strategy notes, really. I say not normal mobs only because it's trivial to kill them. The reason I bring up separating them from the family pages is because I don't want comments to be so unorganized you know? If there's two bosses on a family page, and only one set of comments (there can only be one comment block per page) they'll get jumbled up, and with upvoting some could be unfortunately overshadowed. Anyway that's my logic on that. We can always try and see how it works out, too.

Kadalyn (talk)22:51, 2 February 2016

From various other wikis, in general comments are mainly used either for actual discussion of the topic, or non-editors wanting to point out updates/corrections but not knowing enough or being brave enough to do it themselves. I've certainly looked at comments on pages on other wikis and then gone in-game to test stuff and then updated the page when it was found to be correct, if that helps.

How useful it could be on rarely-visit pages, I don't know. Comments should definitely have a clear and visible timestamp to help filter old info from new.

Rydian (talk)23:15, 2 February 2016

This seems like the point of the discussion page to me. In my mind the comments are more like tips from the pros, the opinionated stuff we don't allow on the main article but with proper ownership, visibility, and separation from non-game stuff (ie. wiki stuff). If that's a particularly common use of commenting though then people may use our commenting system for that regardless and I don't want it to seem like we're policing comments. In these cases, what do they use the discussion page for, or do they even have one?

Timestamp is a good idea. Seems like they have a "xx years/months/weeks/days ago" type thing which is good, but I hadn't looked for it before.

Another option is dropping liquid threads and using the commenting system on the discussion page too. They'd be different comments from the main page and could fit my scheme of ig v wiki. I mean if people generally prefer a comment style thing like that, I dunno, maybe liquid threads is too cumbersome? Titles are annoying?? I dunno?

Kadalyn (talk)23:31, 2 February 2016

Separate discussion pages for articles are a wiki thing. I tend to see comment systems used by the less wiki-oriented people since comments are more visible as a "give your thoughts" method of input when people aren't trying to dedicate themselves to a discussion and just want to point something out or mention it or ask a quick question.

Things like...

"Why does this say x on the page? It says y in-game right now."

"Lol mix this item with x and your y goes up to z it's great."

"Does this come with x or do I need to do something special when I get it?"

"Man I like this item a lot but when it does x it's annoying."

"^ - Yo dawg you can turn that off in the settings."

"Hey so this thing appears to do x but it's not listed."

"^ - It's probably an effect from y if you have that equipped as well."

Of course there's going to be random comments, fanboys, spam, and stuff like that... but it's from comments like the examples that I and other users know what needs to be done on a page for further info, corrections, or clarification.

Of course with the smaller player base of Mabinogi the comment system probably won't generate as much useful info...

Rydian (talk)05:22, 3 February 2016

Is having the ability to "dedicate yourself to a discussion" even valuable?

Kadalyn (talk)11:05, 3 February 2016

Does this mean we will no longer have fun off-topic threads? ;~;

Snowie Stormflower (talk)01:04, 3 February 2016

You'd at least have to restart them. I wonder if I could make a single forum not show up in recent changes...

I take it you still want a forum games section, then.

Kadalyn (talk)11:06, 3 February 2016

Well it would indeed be nice to have something off-topic, since that's going away. =c

Also, maybe a section for price checks or something, I can see people going into those comments like "Price check for this item on Mari pls!".

Snowie Stormflower (talk)11:12, 3 February 2016

Well I've installed/set up/opened the forums now, please continue the discussion of comments here.

Kadalyn (talk)17:41, 3 February 2016

Weapon Previews

Edited by author.
Last edit: 00:44, 29 January 2016

Alright so I saw this method on a few Koren Mabinogi blogs and was wondering why we weren't using it: they raise the weapon using Judgment Blade's animation to hold the weapon above the character. This way there's often less risk of clipping and makes it look a lot more focused on just the weapon.
So, wouldn't it be nice if we could use that for Weapon Previews instead of what we have now? I already talked about it with Kadalyn and she didn't seem against it.
Here's a few examples (These should obviously be cropped and angled better if possible):

Snowie Stormflower (talk)13:08, 28 January 2016

Let's just mod the players so they're invisible and just get the weapons.

On a more serious note, doesn't really matter to me. As long as we can see the actual item.

Where there is a will, there is a way~

Although I can get close, the camera can't be pointed straight down, otherwise this or this could have worked.

Snowie Stormflower (talk)11:32, 29 January 2016

I think it sounds like a great idea. I think we should still keep a copy of the default weapon pose, though not necessarily as the main image, but even if not, this sounds great.

Kapra - (Talk)20:26, 28 January 2016

Category Updates

I was wondering if it's possible for someone to rename the "Demonic Equipment" page. I was doing some research on weapons through the wiki home and I noticed that the Demonic items were under "Equipment." Now I know technically all weapons are "equipment" but according to whats listed, the only demonic Item that counts as "equipment" is the Unholy Fear Shield while the other items count as weapons. So I thought the demonic stuff should be listed under "Weapons" as well. I also went to the Weapons page and saw that "Demonic Equipment" wasn't added to the page. So I wondered if someone can rename the "Demonic Equipment" to "Demonic Weapons" then put them as a category in the "Weapons page" as well as under the "Weapons list" on the homepage (Before Divine Weapons respectfully since they came out before Divines but after Legendary Weapons.) I also saw that Celtic Weapons are not listed under Weapons on the home page but are listed on the Weapons page itself. I was wondering if it'd be cool if someone could do edit that too.

P.S. The Celtic Weapons didn't work when I tried to make it into a link but the page exists so I'm not 100% sure why that happened.

Blackjackz (talk)19:14, 14 November 2015

"Demonic Equipment" was originally named "Demonic Weapons", but was renamed because of the Fear Shield. I'm not sure if anyone will agree to revert the name, but I think simply leaving a weapon category will do.

Infodude575 (talk)12:11, 15 November 2015

Well in terms of divine weapons they would have armors and shields so I can understand a name change but with demonic weapons the only "equipment" is one item. The majority of it being weapons. I understand kinda for more than one item but just one item? I say whichever has the most items should determine category. Majority weapons so Demonic weapons. eh idk. it seems silly to me but at least it was moved on the home page to the weapons list so ty for that.

Blackjackz (talk)01:29, 19 November 2015

however, if we turned it back into Demonic weapons, i feel like either people would wonder why a shield (technically 2, but they're 2 versions of the same weapon) is in there or that we'd be ignoring said shields

you wouldn't stick 5 guys and a girl in a group and call it a group of men would you?

Neo (talk)08:17, 19 November 2015

Depends. Because "men" can mean "human being", which in that case would work. SuchIsLife.png

Sakura502 (talk)20:43, 2 December 2015

this might become a topic for discussion about the divine weapons category too once g20 comes out, as it brings the divine shield and some divine armors...

Neo (talk)16:02, 15 November 2015

lol Well as an attempt not to sound sexist I would still call the group a group of men...Mostly for the reasons that if I didn't some ultra sensitive feminist somewhere might cop an attitude and get upset over it.

Anyways I do have a good compromise here to resolve both situations, the Demonic Weapons and the Divine weapons when they come. Why not use both? Title the pages/links "Demonic Weapons and Equipment" & "Divine Weapons and Equipment." Seems like a simple solution that addresses both item types and states them accurately with no confusion.

Blackjackz (talk)20:31, 2 December 2015

But weapons are equipment 8U.

Y'all people have for some reason completely forgotten the existence of subcategories.

Sakura502 (talk)20:41, 2 December 2015

^ She's right you know. Just make it a subcategory in the category it belongs in.

Incompetent Bunny Mikaya ' ^ ' (talk)23:34, 2 December 2015

I was actually waiting for people to remember the existence of subcategories. But then I gave up.

Sakura502 (talk)10:29, 3 December 2015

I know weapons are equipment. At this point I'm just talking about how the pages are named so it would define between general equipment like headgear, shields etc and actual weapons. Just a thought

Blackjackz (talk)09:21, 18 December 2015

And again, subcategories are a thing for that exact reason.

You put everything in "X Equipment" category, and then separate everything in that with "X Weapon" or "X Headgear", etc.

Sakura502 (talk)13:48, 19 December 2015

hmm, I guess.

Blackjackz (talk)19:57, 19 December 2015

Equipment pages, upgrades and pages related to them.

So I've noticed that some equipment pages tend to be rather inconsistent towards one another, mostly with price values listed on them. So I was wondering what would be the norm for it; Sometimes prices have a separator for the thousands, sometimes there's a small g for Gold, sometimes a capital G, and sometimes nothing at all. And on some pages you can even find examples of all three! Shouldn't there be a general rule for that kind of thing? (It's not exactly a matter of templates because these values are entered on the pages themselves)

Next there are pages like this one and that one, they seem relatively obsolete and don't actually get updated unless someone randomly stumbles upon them (like I did today), can't they just be removed or do they serve a purpose somewhere?

Snowie Stormflower (talk)07:18, 15 December 2015

Small thing about Celtic Tribolt Wands

So, recently I crafted a Celtic Tribolt Wand. I put all my money into it, only to find out that when I upgraded it with the Chain Casting +4 upgrade it was unable to use Fusion Bolt anymore. However, the page which held information regarding what the Tribolt Wand can do told me that it WAS able to use Fusion Bolt. Now, I don't know if that meant just before Chain Casting, or all throughout any type of upgrade, but I was given an understanding that was false.

KaizeroXL (talk)22:17, 21 September 2015

To my knowledge you can't Fuse with it at all, whether or not it has upgrades. In order to change that line you'd have to edit some complex template, which most users don't know how to.

You can still Fuse with other CC wands. However, since it only CCs one bolt type and not the other, Fusion Bolt treats that as merely one charge.

Infodude575 (talk)22:36, 21 September 2015

I'll have to check with the next Tribolt wand I craft later today, but I'm fairly certain you can fusion bolt before chaincasting, but not after. This distinction should be made however.

Surrept (talk)09:17, 22 September 2015

Added a Line to Saga 1 Episode 3

under To Vales

"(you will glitch the mission at this point if you're in a party and have to start over (the entire Sega 1 episode 3) in order to enter the shadow mission)"

I did so, because I honestly can not find a fix and what I have found seems to state this

would rather there be a warning for others going through this and following wiki to not be in a party just so they dont have their time wasted like I have

Splatulated (talk)19:41, 20 September 2015

Copyright Infrigment

Eh? What is this, I don't even... These books have existed for 7/8 years and only now a copyright issue's happening?

Anyway, are these books to be archived or deleted due to the "copyright" thingy?

Infodude575 (talk)23:51, 9 September 2015

I was thinking the same thing, the books have been around this long, why would a copyright issue just suddenly pop up now? Wish i could answer your question tho.

Neo (talk)10:15, 10 September 2015

Some people are just very slow at catching these kind of things. I remember when a youtube video, which was like 4 years old, had it's music taken out because of copy rights issues. After 4 years.

As for removing it or archiving, I have no idea since we never had a case like this.

Sakura502 (talk)10:22, 10 September 2015

Someone told me that these books were actually written by KR Mabi players. No idea how the copyright laws work for overseas though.

Infodude575 (talk)18:42, 10 September 2015

Until our admins get served a takedown notice, we legally do not need to take any actions.

Blargel (talk)11:09, 11 September 2015
You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource. Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!



You're pretty much saying "anything that's illegal is legal until you get caught."


I have no idea why you're quoting that rule. This content was added before anyone knew it had any copyright issues so it was in compliance with the rules as far as anyone knew at the time. If you want to remove it now, then you can, but we don't have to do it immediately if anyone has better ideas.

Blargel (talk)12:31, 11 September 2015

Doing something and not knowing it is illegal doesn't make it any less illegal.

I don't care whether it gets removed. I'm just challenging logical fallacy.

I don't know what answer to give that you would accept, but I don't believe I'm wrong. I think you may have unreasonable expectations.

Blargel (talk)14:35, 11 September 2015

If you plagiarize something without knowing what plagiarism is, is it no longer plagiarism?

That's not the same situation. And it doesn't matter.

Blargel (talk)18:47, 11 September 2015

If you infringe someone's copyright without knowing it is copyrighted work, is it no longer copyright infringement?

This argument is pointless and will not affect the actions taken by the moderation team at this time. The current decision stands that we will not interfere with how people decide to handle these two books on the wiki unless we are served a takedown request. In the meantime, people are free to do whatever they want with these two books. I will not be replying any further unless I find a pressing reasont o.

Blargel (talk)21:50, 11 September 2015

Again, I'm not trying to get the page taken down or whatnot. I'm trying to understand why you don't think copyright infringement is an issue and why you think it "doesn't matter".

In the meantime, people are free to do whatever they want with these two books.


You're literally encouraging people to potentially get themselves in trouble (though no one cares for these books) in the event that the copyright holders do decide to take legal action against any infringements.

I'm fairly certain the legal action would be "take that down right now" and in which case Blargel said they'd do that if asked (or rather told) to do-so...

Tamryu (talk)02:34, 12 September 2015

A takedown request / cease and desist is not legal action; there is no prosecution taking place. A lawsuit, however, is one.

And that quote isn't about what the wiki will face. Since Blargel wishes to encourage usage of the copyrighted material, he's exposing people to possible legal action being taken against said people, since unknowing people may use this copyrighted material without knowing it is such (cause, you know, material on a wiki should either be a) public domain or b) copyrighted w/ permission).


Aces Shopping Bags

Could someone be so kind as to make a page for the Aces bags? ^_^; for now, I have it linked to the Aces page, but I've not a clue how to make a page for the different bags themselves... just make sure to fix the link in Wiki Updates/News please, and thanks

~Spkr~ (talk)19:28, 16 July 2015

I think it would be better to leave them as red links so that people know the pages still need to be made. But that's just me.

Blargel (talk)09:17, 17 July 2015

I agree. If that's all you're going to do, please don't do it. I'm fixing up pages like those that were made months ago.

Fifty (talk)21:09, 17 July 2015

Thirdened. Though, the bag pages were taken care of already.

Infodude575 (talk)22:11, 17 July 2015

Because my copy paste game is on point.

Sakura502 (talk)14:55, 18 July 2015

Recent Changes Loading Time

Super slow. 3 seconds. Didn't use to take that long & article pages are much quicker, so something changed.

It loaded in like a second for me just now. Is it still being slow for you?

Blargel (talk)21:02, 2 July 2015

Yes. Could you open the page source and tell me the "wgBackendResponseTime" that appears at the end of the page?

It turns out to be the number of edits I set it to show, but it never used to take 3 seconds to display 500 changes.

I'll just set it to show fewer changes, but the RC page still unusually slow.


A bit late, but with last 500 changes in the last last 30 days, the backend response time was 3822ms for me. I usually only make it display the last 3 days so I never noticed it slowing down much...

Blargel (talk)17:59, 3 July 2015

I dunno about either of you but I've never noticed any slowdown, 500 displayed or not.

Infodude575 (talk)18:14, 3 July 2015

How many days are you displaying with those 500 changes?


Weapon/Equip Page organization

So I only noticed this now, and now it's driving me insane. I fairly indecisively changed the section ordering on all the celtic weapon pages, only to find that half the existing weapons have Dye Details before Crafting Requirements. There are some spacing issues between the two I think as well on the celtic pages; comparing Mace, Gladius, Celtic War Hammer.

Which order is the best order? or am I doomed to struggle with the inner turmoil of these inconsistencies for the rest of my life?

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)09:04, 11 May 2015

Repair kits from Barri normal ARE available

I have personally gotten the Bonita twin ribbon repair kit dropped from the chest at the end of barri and the wiki says it no longer exists. I have yet to get the Ruyuefeixue's butterfly fan repair kit but I am confident some kind of search will turn up that yes it is possible to get, is it a fluke that it says they aren't available as a drop? And if so can we get this changed?

Bloodredruby (talk)18:53, 28 April 2015

They're not supposed to drop. IIRC some maintenance announcement several years back specifically said they made repair kits like these no longer available.

Infodude575 (talk)20:27, 28 April 2015

That's really interesting considering I got one a few days ago, thanks for informing me.

Bloodredruby (talk)23:10, 28 April 2015

And they announced sometime last year that they made the repair kits for all the Barri items available in Barri.

Meru (talk)23:38, 28 April 2015

Oh my god thank you! I was doubting the Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan Repair Kit dropping at the end chest simply because the info wasn't updated on the repair kits pages!

Bloodredruby (talk)23:40, 28 April 2015

What... Why'd they put it back...

Infodude575 (talk)00:26, 29 April 2015

They were never removed. The kits used to be gachapon only. From the old sets of gachapon.

Meru (talk)00:48, 29 April 2015

Well with that being established who can change the pages for the Bonita twin ribbon repair kit and the Ruyuefeixue's Butterfly Fan Repair Kit so they don't say they don't exist/can't get them?

Bloodredruby (talk)02:29, 29 April 2015

Anyone can change it...

Sakura502 (talk)12:21, 29 April 2015
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