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Exploration Chest Loot Locations

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Maiz Prairie[edit]

Bastard Sword - Central Maiz Prairie
Plate Boots - Eastern Maiz Prairie
Exploration Journal, Page 2 - Southern and Central Maiz Prairie
Short Bow - North-Eastern Maiz Prairie
Wing Half Helm - North-Western Maiz Prairie
Hooked Cutlass - Western Maiz Prairie
Exploration Journal, Page 4 - Western Maiz Prairie
Clay Flute - Central Maiz Prairie
Short Bow - Central Maiz Prairie
Bipenis - Southern Maiz Prairie

Kaypi Canyon[edit]

Hooked Cutlass - Kaypi Canyon

Muyu Desert[edit]

Longsword - South-Eastern Muyu Desert
Clay Flute - North-Eastern Muyu Desert
Exploration Journal, Page 2 - Central, Western, and Southern Muyu Desert
Short Sword - Central Muyu Desert
Counter Gauntlet - North-Eastern Muyu Desert
Bipennis - Eastern Muyu Desert
Long Bow - Eastern Muyu Desert
Hooked Cutlass - South-Eastern Muyu Desert
Leather Long Bow - Southern Muyu Desert

Karu Forest[edit]

Shortsword - Western Karu Forest
Long Bow - Northern Karu Forest

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