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Town Messenger

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Portrait of Town Messenger
Town Messenger
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Messenger
Location Tir Chonaill (Outside of Chief's House)*
Dunbarton (Near Grocery Store)
Tara (Stonehenge Temporary Headquarters)
Filia (South of Square)
Vales (Outside of Chief's House)


Town Messengers is a warp NPC for the Black Dragon Raid and White Dragon Raid when it spawns or summons, warping players to the location of the Dragon Messenger. He also provides brief information of the raids.

The Town Messenger will not appear until a character has completed Generation 3. The Town Messenger in Tir Chonaill may not appear until the player is above a Cumulative level of 1000. This applies to every character that does not meet this requirement.

Town Messenger's Equipment