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Water Crystal

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Inventory icon of Water Crystal

1 × 1
Stack: 1,000

A crystal that contains the condensed power of water, one of the 4 basic elements. This crystal gives you access to the Water Cannon skill.


Methods to Obtain

Shadow Missions

  • A possible reward from the Reward chest at the end of certain Shadow Missions.



  • Coill Abyss Advanced Reward

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Eabha Taillteann 500g (x50)
1,000g (x100)
10,000g (x1000)
Heledd Tara Emporium 500g (x50)
1,000g (x100)
10,000g (x1000)

Used In

Mana Crystallization

Item Materials
Ice Spear Crystal.png

Ice Spear Crystal

Ice Spear Charge × 1
Water Crystal × 1