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Winter Attendance Event

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Winter Attendance Event advertisement
Feb 16th, 2017 ~ Mar 24th, 2017


The Winter Attendance Scroll opened with two days stamped.

Event Dates:
Thursday, Feb. 16 - Friday, Mar. 24

Event Details:

  • Login to Mabinogi with a character above Level 30 and speak with Caravan Joe to claim an Attendance Check Scroll, which will be used to record your attendance
  • Every day you login to Mabinogi on that character, you'll earn a stamp on that scroll after spending one in-game day (36 minutes) online
  • Earn enough stamps to claim prizes! You'll have 33 days to claim 30 stamps for the top prize, so don't forget to login when you can [1]


Erinn Attendance
How to Get Quest

Log in during the Winter Attendance Event

Briefing I know just what will make your day! How about an amazingly simple event? I've got TONS of gifts ready for fine folks just like you. Come and see me. - Caravan Joe -
  • 10000 Experience Points