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Winternogi Events (2017)

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Winternogi Events 2017 Event Advert
January 25th, 2017 - February 15th, 2017


The Ski Jump, Ski Race and Shaved Ice Events are back as Winternogi returns for 2017! Grab your podiums, win some winter gear and have a blast as you dive head first into the snow![1]

Event details

Winter Sports Days: Ski Jump & Ski Racing Slalom

Event Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 25th - Wednesday, Feb. 15th

Ski Racing Slalom:

Ski Jump:

  • Boost your speed by hitting the markers, then launch off the ramp for an epic jump
  • Time it just right for maximum distance and don't forget to stick the landing!
  • If your total point value is over 1600, you'll be eligible for a Winter Sports Day Celebration Box (2017)

Winter Sports Day Celebration Box (2017) Contents

Each Winter Sports Day Celebration Box contains a random item from the below list:





Fleta's Shaved Ice Event

Event Dates: Wednesday, Jan. 25th - Wednesday, Feb. 15th

  • Speak to Fleta to learn about how you can help her mix up some Shaved Ice
  • She'll give you a Large Shaved Ice Bowl, so you can gather snowballs careening down the mountainside
  • Watch out though, some of those snowballs are actually damage-dealing boulders!
  • Redeem a full Shaved Ice Bowl to Fleta for a special reward!